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#RHOBH Season 5 - Kim's Reaching Out For Help

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Episode 13: Recap

Last week brought #AlltheDrama! Our favorite women of the 90210 faced some heated moments, debating the stability and balance of Brandy and Kim's relationship, attending a movie premiere, and dealing with genealogy results.

These high-society women are living in chaos! But the real cliffhanger from last week was the conversation between Lisa Rinna and Brandi.

Can't wait to see how this one plays out. Ultimately, we were all left wondering: will the bonds of Kim and Kyle's sisterhood survive this season?

Episode 14

Eileen decides to organize a table read for her husband's latest Hollywood script. She invites our four actresses: Kim, Kyle, and the two Lisas. Kim and Kyle start off on an even keel, and we think for a small moment that maybe things are okay between them, even after last week's meltdowns.

On the other side of town, Ken reaches out to Brandi while organizing a surprise birthday party for Lisa V. Ken warns Brandi to be on her best behavior . . . But what kind of good drama would that be?! Hello, Brandi is cast on the show to stir it up! But despite her antics, Brandi also seems to feel very concerned for Kim right now. Brandi admits in this episode that she's in over her head with this friendship.

As Kim Richards' personal problems begin to mount, the housewives offer some words of advice to help her repair her relationship with Kyle.

Meanwhile, back at Eileen's organized table read, Kim bares her heart to the other women. She admits how torn she feels right now, like she has to choose between her sister and her best friend. It's so heartbreaking to watch Kim break down. Obviously, something has to give here. But when some of the women try to voice their concern to Kim about her sobriety, Kim quickly deflects. It seems a little silly that one minute, Kim is in tears, telling the Housewives about her situation, but then the next she's wondering why everyone is so concerned with her business! It's hard to keep secrets on a reality show to begin with, but if you decide to tell people about your problems, you're inviting trouble.

In other news, Brandi's taking on a 21-day cleanse to prove to what she calls the "judgemental a**holes" that she's capable of anything when she puts her mind to it.

But will that change when she attends Lisa Vanderpump's surprise party? (It looks like the whole cast is coming out for the party, including one of my favs, Kathy Hilton!) We'll see how well behaved Brandi is once the celebration gets underway . . .

Lisa Vanderpump's "supportive, kind and sweet" friends (and Brandi) come together to throw her a surprise birthday party. However Ken barely gets Lisa to her own party! She almost refuses to stop by the restaurant where everyone is waiting, thinking she is late for a different event. We see her debating with their Rolls Royce driver about where to go. #RichPeopleProblems

Brandi is obviously not on her "best behavior" from the beginning of the party, but it's hard to blame her since Lisa V. pushes her buttons throughout the entire evening - from the joke toast she makes at Brandi's expense to the "challenge" to sing for her friendship. Obviously, she wants to make a fool out of Brandi. Poor Brandi isn't just the entertainment in this episode, she is the party clown! Brandi remains a pretty good sport about it, though, and it's obvious that Lisa V. really wants to be the one to sing; the party turns musical after her challenge to Brandi.

Overall, the surprise party went a lot more smoothly than I had anticipated. But maybe that's only because the pressure is already building for next week's Amsterdam trip!

Episode 15 - Spoiler Alert!

It's the moment we've been waiting for! The trip to Amsterdam or should I say Amsterslap!!

I have a feeling these wild women will really let loose in Amsterdam - especially Kim! But maybe not in a fun way. It seems like it's only a matter of time before all the Housewives come together to give Kim an intervention, and maybe confront her about all the skeletons in her closet. It is the topic of this season, after all!

But Kim and Brandi are definitely not going to stand for this! I think we all know when Lisa R. starts off the trip by confronting them on the jet that this is only the beginning. Lisa R. may be a new addition to this cast, but she has quickly adapted to all the drama! Her place on the show seems secure... until next season, at least.

I have a feeling this new drama will be drawn out over the next few episodes, since the finale is approaching. Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen! We are off to Amsterdam!

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