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RHOBH Season 5: Is Brandi Ruining Kim's Life?

After the race, Yolanda reveals that she is taking the Housewives on a trip to Amsterdam! Obviously, smoking pot is the first topic of conversation amongst these highbrow women. Let's get this party started! The height of this season's drama is about to go down!!!

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Episode 15: "Welcome to Amsterdam?!"

This episode's scavenger hunt around Beverly Hills forces the Housewives to put aside their differences and work together.

Yolanda huddles up the ladies to give them a little pep talk about teamwork and moving forward. (Their huddle includes a special guest: Camille Grammer!) Once she finishes her speech, they're off!

The Housewives are pretty good sports - everyone takes the contest seriously (despite the struggles of the ice cream challenge), running around Beverly Hills together like headless chickens! I am more and more convinced that by the end of this race, these ladies will have killed each other... or gotten themselves hit by a car!

The biggest moment of drama in the race is when Lisa V. cheats by hitching a ride on a stranger's bike, resulting in a 10-minute penalty for her team. Then her entire team ironically catches a ride on a Hollywood tour bus. This adds another 10-minute penalty to their time, and they've got to throw in the towel. In the end, each team faces some sort of penalty; Elaine, Kim, and Camille's friend win the scavenger hunt.

After the race, Yolanda reveals that she is taking the Housewives on a trip to Amsterdam!

Obviously, smoking pot is the first topic of conversation amongst these highbrow women. Let's get this party started! The height of this season's drama is about to go down!!!

Exclusive video: Yolanda Foster reveals to the housewives that she's taking them to Amsterdam, prompting excitement about the prospect of smoking marijuana legally.

But first: a quick stop at David Foster's annual charity gala in Canada (since it's on the way and all). The Housewives arrive in style: Babyface generously hosts most of the ladies on his private jet. #YesPlease

Trouble is already brewing, even before takeoff: Brandi decides to reveal all to Kim about the private conversation she had with Lisa R. about her! Naturally, one thing Brandi conveniently leaves out of her telephone game with Kim is her part in the conversation...

I can understand Brandi not wanting Kim to be blindsided on the trip, but it certainly could've been handled differently. At the same time, I don't think Brandi is out to ruin Kim's life. Maybe Brandi's not helping the situation very much, but maybe she's helping more than people think. Who knows? Either way, Kim is responsible for herself.

During an awkward silence mid-air, Lisa R. innocently asks Kim if she's OK. Big mistake! She makes the bigger mistake of following up with, "Kim, are you mad at me?" Fishing for trouble . . . looks like she found it! Lisa R. is earning her place this season in the Beverly Hills housewives squad. Of course, Kim doesn't hesitate to confront Lisa. Swearing that she is sober, she accuses Lisa of defaming her--and even screams at her in front of Babyface!

Exclusive video: Kim Richards is furious with Lisa Rinna for talking about her sobriety behind her back

Lisa R. has been very vocal about her concerns for Kim. But she is on reality TV for the first time, trying to find her dynamic in a group of strong, crazy, dramatic women! She may be going a little overboard with her opinions . . . but I'm sure she wants to make an impact and stay living in this area code, if you know what I mean.

No one is safe from season cuts! And it's hard not to address a situation when it's also the season's main storyline. Lisa R. is bringing the drama--you have to give her that. Later, in the limo as the Housewives are on the way to David Foster's event, Lisa R. reveals why she is so sensitive about Kim's addiction: her husband is a recovering addict, and his brother died from addiction. Her concern is coming from the heart.

The event turns out to be a fun night, raising lots of awareness, money, and some legendary music to suit. Best part is when Steven Tyler kisses Kim Richards onstage! #OMG.

The next day the Housewives arrive in Holland! Kyle loses her bag almost immediately, and the ladies are forced to wait in the airport while she frantically searches to find it. Kyle finally locates her bag, but right after that her luggage cart somehow manages to trap all the women at the top of the escalator. Kim finally starts to let loose! The travel drama is unleashed. And this is why trips are the best!

That's right, Kyle--welcome to Amsterdam!

Spoiler Alert - Episode 16

Take a sneak peak at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode 16 - Amsterdamn!

Next week might be the best episode of the season and one of the biggest cat fights in Beverly Hills Housewives history!

Tensions have been building all season between Kim and Lisa R., and next week they will finally air their grievances, no holds barred! We've seen already that glasses will be shattered during the confrontation-- but who knows how physical things might get, with all the pressure and frustrations built up between them?

I think it's safe to say they need an Amsterdam peace pipe . . . but I have a feeling that's never going to happen! Claws are definitely out this time. It's going to get vicious! And the aftermath of all this Amsterdam damage may turn out to be irreversible . . .