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#RHOBH - Brandi Calls Kyle a C***

Episode 20: Reunion Part One

Brandi Calls Kyle a C*** // The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills // Season 5 -

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Yolanda's situation is truly heartbreaking. Lyme disease is scary, and it seems like she's in a lot of pain on a daily basis, traveling internationally to seek treatment while balancing her family life. She's so courageous and inspiring - if you didn't know she was sick, you'd never be able to tell! She always sees the best in everyone and everything, despite her personal pain. And I can't even believe those people who would question whether she's "really" sick or not - they must be sick, to even accuse her of something so bizarre as faking her illness! My heart truly goes out to her.

In addition to her Lyme disease, Yolanda has had a leaking breast implant from twenty years ago, making everything so much worse for her health. Thank God they caught it sooner rather than later. We're all praying for you, Yolanda! I hope she can recover from this.

In other news, apparently Kim and Kyle did not make up after the finale episode! It seems as though they haven't talked since then. I called that one! Can't wait to see where that relationship goes, especially if Kathy Hilton joins the cast.

Even though I wouldn't want to be friends with Lisa Rinna, she has been a great addition to the 90210. She certainly lived up to her Drama Queen title, inserting herself into all the main plot lines this season. Professional pot-stirrer, for sure!

Kim & Kyle Haven't Spoken in Three Months // The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills // Season 5 -

It's comical when Kim says she has more pride than Lisa Rinna. More pride? Kim would star in a Depends commercial any day of the week! She's just jealous that Lisa is a more successful actress. Kim probably won't even remember what she said at this reunion, to be honest. She's been sipping on too much #haterade. Honestly, I think Kim would put a Depends on her face to get that kind of cheque!! I know I would! Also, Kim just has so much pent-up resentment towards Lisa R. that obviously she isn't going to support anything Lisa does. That line has been drawn in the sand. But come on, Kim, let's be honest... you did Diving With The Stars!!

Kim might be a little funny, but the winner for this season's Entertainment Queen goes to Brandi! You will be missed, Brandi, at least by the audience! I hope Brandi and Andre (her Dutch boy) get married. Lol, get it girl!! #NoJudgement

It's clear that Brandi's friendship with Lisa Vanderpump has vaporized. Their showmance is officially over. Brandi jumped through hoop after hoop trying to get into Lisa V.'s good graces, and look at the thanks she gets! If I were Brandi, I wouldn't even want to be friends with Lisa at this point. I think Brandi feels it, too. Lisa has shown a nastier side of herself this season than ever before. It's not a cute look for you, Lisa! Weren't you supposed to be the "mature" one of the group? I've always been a Lisa Vanderpump fan, so I was definitely a little disappointed in her this season. As for Brandi, she may be a lot of things, but at least she's not a liar... unlike some of the other ladies.

I love it on these reunion episodes when the Housewives think the cameras stop rolling during commercial breaks, and we get to see their mannerisms and interactions "off camera." #Divas! Of course, everyone is overly anxious to attack Brandi one last time. And of course, Brandi is ready to go down swinging. She might take things a little too far, but she brings the good TV drama!

**Warning - Spoiler alert: Reunion Part 2**

This reunion is just heating up! It's split into three parts because there's so much dramatic content!! The season might be officially over, but these Housewives are still bringing us #AllTheDrama!! And it looks like all these crazy ladies will be hitting below the belt!! Surprise, surprise... there seem to be more throw downs with Brandi in these upcoming episodes... Let #AllTheDrama live on!!

Coming up in Episode 21 // The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills // Season 5 -

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