27/06/2016 08:50 BST | Updated 24/06/2017 06:12 BST

Raising My Girls


OK, so for many of you who read my blog, you will be aware that, although I have two daughters and a son, it really is my teen girls who provide most of the material for my rants and 500 word rambles depicting motherhood of teenagers... but for today I'm writing from a slightly different perspective and giving you a snapshot into the life of being a mum to these two crazy fab girls who really deserve a whole lot more than just the perhaps slightly more negative recount of parenting teens. These girls seriously rock!

No longer babies who require constant nurturing. No longer toddlers who require constant danger avoidance control. No longer pre-teens who require gentle guidance into the daunting teen years. All that constant, let's be honest, sometimes less than enjoyable parenting, mothering, nagging that seems to go on for an eternity (yes there was quite a lot of that) has suddenly taken a little bit of a backseat because I honestly believe that the major hard work has been done ... I can't change them now ... I wouldn't want to ... they have become who they are going to become ... and they are, without fail, two of my absolute favourite people to spend time with.

They make me laugh like no one else. Their banter which infuriates me at times (oh my word the banter ... that's a whole other blog!) can also have me spurting out my wine ... yes that funny ... or coffee ... I promise I don't just drink wine all the time! Their energy and enthusiasm ... it's infectious. Their genuine support and interest ... so heartwarming. Their company and their conversation ... just so entertaining at times and at other times just so wonderful.

With teens, the loneliness that parents with younger children sometimes feel, disappears. There is always someone who fancies popping out for lunch, out for shopping, to visit a gallery or go for a coffee and a chat. Always someone who wants to watch a fab chick flick, paint nails, slob on the sofa in pjs ... always ... or chat for hours about life ... and with that means they have truly become my friends. Their opinion really starts to count for something ... they've got life experience that is of value now ... they have begun to see the happiness and, sadly, sometimes sorrow of the world ... they can form their own views which are sound and justified ... their perspective is fresh ... and can be so enlightening.

Of course I miss the baby stages and the toddler stages but there is something so incredibly special about watching your children grow into who they will eventually be ... for me, they are so close to adulthood ... yet, for them, it still seems so far ... but I can see so clearly now who they will be. Of course, I still have to parent occasionally (they may think they're close to perfect but not always!) ... that's to be expected. However, for now, whilst they are still pre-adulthood it's more of a supportive parenting role ... I guess this will never change ... and, whilst I question my role as they become more and more independent I can't help but hope that the coffees and chats will continue ... hey, there's hope that it may even change into wine and chats ...

... raising my crazy girls has gone ridiculously quickly but I've loved every second (well almost, otherwise my blog would be defunct!) ... it's been a total pleasure ... and, looking at them today, I want to thank them for being so much fun ... for providing me with just so many wonderful memories (and the ones to come, for sure!) ... I am excited for their futures ... go live it girls ... I'm now looking forward to toasting your successes, toasting your lives, toasting your dreams ... there's a lot of toasting (brilliant!) ... you better like champagne ... just saying!