11/08/2017 07:44 BST | Updated 11/08/2017 07:44 BST

I Slept In My Makeup For Two Days And This Is What Happened!


So, before we get to my experience of wearing makeup for two days straight, let me start off by saying that my initial idea was to attempt this for four days. However, I am not going to lie, I did start to freak out so had to put this to an end, a lot sooner than expected.

I am aware that many of us will sleep in our makeup from time to time, especially after a tiring night on the tiles! However, many people I have personally encountered find this absolutely revolting and would never even dream of doing such a thing! Personally, sleep is more important to me, so after being stuck in that awkward sleepy position on the sofa, I can sometimes by-pass the sink and hop straight into bed... Don't judge me!

Let's Begin!

I don't know what I was trying to gain out of this experience other than some exciting content for you guys. I was quite miserable throughout the entire thing, if I am completely honest, but I hope that this can shed some light on how disgustingly bad this is for your skin, especially in the long run. If you read my first ever article for the HuffPost blog,The Toxic Truth About Makeup, I am sure that you are completely cringing at the thought of me going through with something like this...

Believe me, I was too.

My experience began at 6am. I awoke to the lovely sound of my favourite iPhone alarm tone, which does not make me want to punch everything in plain sight... honest! I then glided, gracefully, down the stairs to the bathroom to begin my morning routine. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, leaving a fresh, bare foundation for all this lovely product. I then went on with my normal skincare and makeup routine before heading out the house for a day at the office.

My typical working day, including travel time, lasts for around 11 hours. My makeup always lasts way past this, thanks to my trusty beauty companions being so amazing! If 11 hours isn't long enough already, I then had to endure an evening and a sleep with this stuff on... my face was annoyed with me, I could tell.

Day 2: Help Me!

The next morning, I woke up to that dreaded feeling of having to clear all of this off, only to reapply straight away for another long 24 hours! After a good facial examination, I could see that my skin was looking red and blotchy. I felt that my pores looked enlarged and my skin felt very strange to the touch. My cheeks were not as smooth as usual due to skipping my much-loved nightly skincare routine... now I was feeling annoyed.

Fast forward through day two. My makeup did last as it always does but I noticed that it was not looking so fresh, half way through the day. I felt more oily and irritated. I wanted to wash away these sins, right away! This day was a Friday but I was not feeling up for any shenanigans after work. I just wanted to lock myself away until this misery was over.

I endured another evening and sleep with product glued to my face. I was too sleepy to pay attention to how my skin was feeling so put my fears to the back of my noggin until the next morning, when it was time to wash it all away.

What was I thinking?!

The next morning was when I truly concluded that I was not going to be able to put my skin through any more of this nonsense. I could see that the redness and blotchiness was there to stay and my pores just looked plain terrible. I have worked too hard on looking after my skin to let it all go to waste! I could even feel those dreaded bumps under the skin... Yes, the kind that like to linger for days on end without rearing their ugly heads! That was it! I threw my makeup bag away from my grabby little hands and went in, full force with all my skincare tricks. I toned, moisturised, covered my lumps with spot cream and quickly glugged down a full jug of water...

What a wonderful idea Helena! Take my experiences and steer clear from sleeping in that stuff guys. It is absolutely, completely and utterly not worth damaging that beautiful skin of yours.

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