13/12/2016 10:31 GMT | Updated 12/12/2017 05:12 GMT


We humans like to torture ourselves. So much, that one of the main pillars of religions is self-torture. We hold on to stupid rules which only tortures us. We hang on, just cannot let go of customs that only hurt ourselves and the people who surround us. We torture ourselves while we are supposedly in search for happiness.

Questions arise; Are we humans sadistic? Do we feel unworthy? Or, is it just a trait that we pass on from generation to generation?

I am not wise enough to provide the answer to these questions. Perhaps it is a personal matter, and each of us has our reasons. Who knows?

One of the things that separate us humans from the rest of the living beings is our imagination. We do not just think about here and now, or just the next meal. We humans use our imagination, we dream, and we make plans. We ask ourselves what do we want to be, what we want to do and where we want to go. We set goals, and we design a path on how to get from A to B. We often make it that our sole purpose in life is to reach that goal. Reaching a goal becomes our happiness.

Every life is valuable. Every living thing is magic. All humans are a bundle of energy with the intelligence to make life an incredible adventure. To do this, we need to have a purpose in life; we need to have a goal. We cannot make our life meaningful without these tools.

The tendency is to consider our purpose in life to be our life itself. We attach our happiness to our goals, and as we do so we lose sight of the here and now, and by doing this, we do not see the blessings before us. We fail to see that life and happiness are within the journey and not at the end of the rainbow.

Life is to be appreciated and enjoyed every single day and not left to wait for a particular day that may never come.

Life is lived every day, every second of the day. All the ideas that pass through our heads. All the emotions in our hearts. They are all life; they all are seeds of happiness.

Believe in life and imagine a bright future. However, do not forget to live life now. Rejoice in happiness today. Do not couple your happiness to time, dates, and resolutions. Match happiness with every second of your life. Do not settle for content today hoping that happiness will come to you tomorrow.

Happiness is an attitude, and if you settle with just an attitude of anything less you will be lucky if you get to be content.

Love is the primary form of happiness. Any, every kind of love is happiness, so love as much as you can every chance you get. Love much and while sharing your heart with others take a piece of their heart and keep it safe in yours. Provide happiness to others with your love for that is where happiness resides in sharing it with others.

One day you will reach your goal in life and on that day you will be surrounded by all the love and happiness you provided and collected along the way. Having people who you love and who loves you around when you reach the goal will multiply your joys.

Happiness starts today, with the appreciation of all that you have and what you can do. Do not waste your time, do not waste your life, do not waste this day.