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I'm So Tired

I'm so Tired

I'm tired, oh so tired, I'm not getting enough sleep,

There's days that seem to go on for so long that I could weep,

I'm tired, oh so tired of never feeling good enough,

And wishing every day that I was made of stronger stuff,

I'm tired of the endless list of jobs that still need done,

It's seems one day has hardly finished when another has begun,

I'm tired of feeling selfish when I take some time for me,

For trying to remind myself of the girl I used to be,

I'm so tired of the guilt I feel when I don't get things right,

Relaxing seems impossible, I always feel uptight,

I'm tired of all the worry that seems to follow me around,

Some days it feels enough to run me right into the ground,

I'm tired of the loneliness that I can't seem to shift,

It can be so isolating, like a ship that's set adrift,

But most of all I'm tired of being tired all the time,

I want to make the most of the short time that you are mine,

For one day you'll be tired of me and want some time all of your own,

And before I even know it I'll turn round and you'll be grown,

I'll remember tiring days with a fond smile upon my face,

And wish again for days where all was well with one embrace,

So tiring times though these may be, I'll not wish them away,

I'll try and cherish the small moments, make the most of every day,

All the guilt and the exhaustion, the tantrums and the tears,

All the anger and frustration, the worries and the fears,

I wouldn't change a single thing, not a single one,

For I love every single struggle that it takes to be a Mum