03/02/2016 04:56 GMT | Updated 31/01/2017 05:12 GMT

When You Fall for Someone Whilst Travelling...

New Orleans is a magical place...However I am not too sure how I feel about this city any longer, it reminds me of cocktails that shouldn't be legal, twerking on buses and sadly heart ache.

I visited "NOLA" in August 2015, 3 weeks into my summer travelling down the east coast. It was 40 degrees I was covered in bed bug bites all over my legs from a shitty DC hotel and when we arrived the trams weren't running so we had to lug massive back packs all over town. From the get go I probably should have known this place was going to cause me some trouble.

Don't get me wrong I had a great week in this place its crazy, despite having my expensive purse stolen along with $160 and my credit card spent on a lobster dinner and meeting a guy that at the time I didn't realise was going to effect me so much. Me and this guy spent one weird night together out on Bourbon street and it's a night I will never forget just because so much stuff happened, for instance singing Queen karaoke in a drag bar... Not to be a cliche of a crap rom com film but that night we literally hung out until the sun decided to come up.

It's funny we probably spent a maximum of 12 hours together but somehow this person managed to make a huge impression on me I still don't know how or why. The accent? Who knows.

At this point in time I realise I probably should have left it in New Orleans and kept it as a story about a fun night with an hot Australian guy. But instead I decided to add him on Facebook because I wanted to get to know him and I wanted to see him again. I now here I am 7 months later.

We kept talking and snap chatting and I guess my feelings kept developing and we spoke about hanging out again but it couldn't be for another year or so. All this time I have kind of been holding onto the hope of seeing him again because we didn't even say goodbye and it just felt so unfinished but I realised that holding out and hoping for something that may never happen was actually making me quite sad. I did and do think this person is special but it's also hard trying to stay connected with someone who is so far away and has a different perspective on the situation. So I decided that I would tell him for now I had to step back from staying in contact so I could get over what I was feeling because the circumstances were completely out of my control and he was definitely feeling different about what was going on.

We didn't say goodbye for good we just said goodbye for now. Who knows maybe in a year or so I will find myself in the Australian outback stumbling across this guy again like I did in NOLA. I think that chapter had to end but I still don't believe the book has to be finished right now.

What I learnt from this little heartbreak situation is that you can't choose who you get a mad crush on and it often sneaks up on you when you least expect it... I was feeling sad about a previous relationship that had ended 5 months prior to being in New Orleans. Fancying someone far away is tough and social media can be a hard way to stay in touch as you can't really get across how you're feeling and things can often be misread.

I don't think its wrong to fall for someone whilst travelling, it may work out and there is always the chance you might see them again. All I am saying is that it's not fun meeting the right person who's home is so far away. I guess my advice is although you can't choose who you fall for you can choose how you handle the situation and maybe some things are best left where you found them but if you're like me you often have to take the chance to find out.