15/10/2015 07:41 BST | Updated 14/10/2016 06:12 BST

Start Spreading the News: Why New York Isn't Overrated

After spending most of my childhood wishing I could be as cool as Kevin McCallister, my late teens divulging in Sex and the City and forever wanting to experience the lifestyle of Carrie Bradshaw, I finally made it to New York this summer. I now completely understand what Sinatra was singing about. New York exceeded all of my expectations and fully lived up to the hype, where the pizza is genuinely a dollar a slice and the city seriously doesn't get a wink of sleep. Oh Frank you were so right about this place, I just want to be a part of it again and here is why...

It's pretty beautiful

As you know NYC is full of skyscrapers after skyscrapers, it's like the buildings are all in height competition with one another. But amongst the towering buildings and the complete commercialisation, it's actually a really beautiful city. We stumbled upon so many striking buildings and parks darted around Manhattan with pretty lights, and people casually involved in table tennis tournaments. There is an essence of surrealism surrounding the flashing lights and huge colourful adverts at times square, we couldn't get enough of going there and If you can make it to the top of the Rockefeller centre for sunset the whole place looks incredible, like something out of a movie...

Those burritos and bagels....

Seriously we ate so much food in this place because the possibilities of delicious meals are absolutely endless and everywhere you turn. I have to say (obviously the bagels are incredible) but the thing that stuck out the most was a burrito we had at cool Mexican place named Blockheads. Seriously ditch your Chipotle because this was the best burrito of my life, did I mention they do 2$ frozen margaritas at happy hour? Yum.

A never ending "to do" list

Obviously there is a lot to do in NYC with all the tourist attractions, but there are countless things going that you can't do so easily in other cities. We found ourselves taking the subway one evening to Cony Island to watch Big Hero 6 on the beach, it was incredible. There is even a Mad Men bench if hanging out with Don Draper is something you would consider as part of a decent Friday night, he may even take you to a cool bar for an old fashioned.

It's so iconic

New York is famous for a reason, if you're a series and film lover like me, you'll find yourself captivated in spotting all of the places where they shot your favourite scenes. For instance, I lost it at seeing the Plaza and the bridge in central park purely for my love of Home Alone. I was literally walking around like that was in Sex and the City, would Carrie Bradshaw go here? Is Robert De Niro driving that taxi? (Kidding).

"The sex is in the heel"

One of my favourite nights in NYC was seeing Kinky Boots on Broadway, between loving transvestites, the catchy numbers, and If I am honest some terrible British accents, Broadway was everything it is cracked up to be. It's glamorous and lively and ridiculously amazing. There is no sign of exaggeration when they say everything is in flashing lights. If you want to be a part of the true glamour that is New York then Broadway most definitely the place, even I felt famous there.

I had the time of my life in this city, thank you for fulfilling all of my expectations and more New York.