10/10/2013 08:38 BST | Updated 09/12/2013 05:12 GMT

Women Vs Women

Supposedly, we live in a time where feminism is high and women want to empower other women. However, how is it that women seem to be the ones putting other women down about how they look? When you look at female magazines, they are the ones presenting women as being stick thin as being sexy and beautiful. It isn't men who are promoting things such as a 'thigh gap' (I don't think men even know what a thigh gap is); it is women who are promoting these unrealistic figures, that young girls especially, are becoming obsessed with.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with showing skinny women, and there is nothing wrong with having a thigh gap. I think thin women are beautiful. However, it is wrong when women are deemed not beautiful if they don't possess these features. A woman's view of how women should look is definitely in my opinion a stronger opinion than what a man thinks, so, if you see these ideal body images in female magazines, etc. then they have more of an impact. Personally, if my female friends compliment my figure I find it more of a compliment than a male opinion. Thus, I think when I see some of the images and comments in these female magazines it really irritates me, and there is no wonder there are so many young girls who are not happy with the way they look.

I am young, and I am very much into my fitness, more about being healthy and able to run for miles rather than being skinny. Anyhow, I have a fitness Tumblr, and often you see comments. There is one in particular that says 'but you don't have a thigh gap' as if having a thigh gap is now the ultimate achievement for a woman. The worst thing is, is that things like this turn women against each other and make them judge one another even more. On Tumblr there was a post stating that those with a 'thigh gap' have a 'saggy vagina' because of something to do with their pelvis. This comment is just utterly ridiculous, but it shows that women are almost becoming in competition over how their body looks.

I just feel personally that female magazines for example, shouldn't be influencing these ideas, as people easily become obsessed with them, I am a 20-year-old woman; I know what it is like to become obsessed with my body. I just think women and female magazines should be promoting that we are all beautiful, whether you have a thigh gap, hip bones or not.