18/05/2015 10:35 BST | Updated 18/05/2016 06:59 BST

Letter Addressing the Mosaic International Leadership Programme

Below is a letter by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales addressed to the 80 delegates starting on the Mosaic International Leadership Programme starting today Monday 18 May 2015 in Amman, Jordan by kind permission of His Royal Highness.

Launching with the International Summit, the International Leadership Programme brings together international young leaders aged 25-35 for an innovative development opportunity that develops leadership skills, inspires thinking about global issues and equips young people to become involved in their local communities. The ILP was originally devised and developed in 2009 to mark HRH The Prince of Wales' 60th Birthday. The Prince has been engaged with each of the programmes delivered since its start, taking a personal interest in the delegates.

You can follow the Mosaic International Leadership Programme on Twitter with the hashtag #MosaicILP2015.

I am particularly pleased, as founder of Mosaic, to welcome you to the International Leadership Programme 2015.

When I established Mosaic back in 2007 it was my hope that we might be able to encourage young people in the United Kingdom to realize their talents and potential. I hardly dared hope then that Mosaic would go on to develop an innovative International Leadership Programme which now touches the lives of young people in eighteen different countries.

I have long believed that today's world poses challenges to all of us that can only be resolved by effective and sustained partnerships across national boundaries. Climate change, poverty, violence and instability can only be tackled by individuals coming together from across the globe.

It therefore seems particularly appropriate that Mosaic should be partnering with Jordan's King Abdullah II Fund for Development to deliver the International Leadership Programme 2015. Through my own visits to Jordan I have witnessed at first hand the impressive way in which the Fund encourages Jordanians to fulfil their potential, particularly in entrepreneurship and business development. I could not be more delighted that this expertise is now being shared with an international audience.

It is a great honour that H.M. King Abdullah II has so generously agreed to act as the Royal Patron of this year's Programme. I am also very grateful to all those generous organizations which have provided financial support to this year's Programme, as I am to everyone who has volunteered to mentor this year's delegates.

As you embark on this year-long Programme, I would encourage each one of you to take advantage of the many opportunities which lie ahead. You will learn much about leadership, and about yourselves. Your predecessors have gone on to use this new-found knowledge in the service of their communities. If I may, I would urge you to consider carefully how you might work with your fellow delegates to make a positive difference to your own local communities throughout this year and beyond. I shall be following your progress with the closest possible interest.

HRH The Prince of Wales