Captain SIB's Musical Discoveries 2nd Edition - Fozzy

26/07/2011 15:09 BST | Updated 25/09/2011 10:12 BST

Welcome one and all to another edition of Captain SIB's Fantastic Musical Discoveries.

This week we bring to you, from The Captain SIB Show, the mighty chair wielding Fozzy.

Mainly based out of Georgia, this group of metal infused musicians comprise of Chris Irvine(Jericho), former WWE wrestler and actor, Rich Ward, Frank Fontsere, Sean B. Delson (all part of underground metal-rap band Stuck MoJo) and Billy Grey.

Originally started in 1999 as a cover band called Fozzy Osbourne, the band was put together by Rich Ward, incorporating any good musicians he could find. It was in 1999 that Moongoose McQueen came on to the scene and set the musical world alight with his somewhat over the top persona. Well, of coarse Moongoose was the branchild of Chris Jericho who, after completing a wrestling show in Texas, met with Rich and developed a plan to take on a spoof type role for the band.

Their first album came out in October 2000 and was named "Fozzy". Much like their next album in 2002 "Happenstance" it included many cover tracks from many known metal bands, one of which was an Iron Maiden track "Where Eagles Dare". Very much worth a listen for any fans of the Iron's.

In 2005 they shortened their name to Fozzy and started working on a more serious record. What came was "All That Remains". Fozzy's first full album of original material featuring some noticeable guest appearances from rock aristocracy Zakk Wylde, Marty Friedman, Miles Kenndey and Mark Tremonti.

For a "debut" album, this is fantastic. Variations from the musical backgrounds of the band members are evident here. Chris's vocal melodies rise through the crunching guitar riffs and the hints of rap can be heard in some of the tracks, which for me is a nice addition.

The band took on many gigs promoting the album and even played the Download Festival in Donington Park UK.

In March 2011 they released "Remains Alive" which is a live album recorded Live in Brisbane, Australia in Sep, 2005.

In early 2009 it was announced that Fozzy had signed a deal with Australian label Riot! Entertainment.

January 2010 and Fozzy released "Chasing the Grail". By jings I'm glad they did. This 12 track monster will have you nodding your head in acceptance as it eats through your ears. Every band has an album that truly defines their direction. This is Fozzy's. From the opening track to the finish it has everything you would expect from a group with such talent. Perfect for those late nights stuffing the haggis. It is clear that Chris's vocals have indeed reached a pleasant understanding. Blending into the music to create harmonies reminiscent of Bruce Dickinson's early solo works. For this writer that is what makes this album such an attractive buy. The song writing brings the band together in a marketable fashion. To find one single track that stands out above the rest if hard for me to do. Fozzy have shown that they are capable of distributing a well balanced sound while introducing you to who they truly are.

They have risen to power on the touring scene. Recently completing a European tour, which saw them perform at the famous Sonisphere Festival. To see this band live is indeed a must for all rock fans. As you would expect from a performer such as Jericho, there is a lot of energy brought to the gigs. As seen here in their new video for "God Pounds his Nails" from "Chasing the Grail".

If you are a lover of rock and metal, a lover of music, or indeed you wish to discover something new and exciting, then Captain SIB implore you to buy "Chasing the Grail" and hear for yourselves why Fozzy are indeed handing out chair shots to the musical community.

There's word that work is already underway on a new album, this writer has high hopes for a musical treat come it's release in 2012, but I hope they stay close to the style and sound they have created with "Chasing the Grail"

Fozzy can be heard on Episodes four and seven of The Captain SIB Show

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