17/06/2016 12:58 BST | Updated 16/06/2017 06:12 BST

Hey, Vice, I'm Not a Racist Nan - I Just Believe in Individual Liberty

It amuses me that a lot of people in favour of Remain have resorted to personal attacks. I was at Vote Leave HQ last week live tweeting the ITV debate and failed to see why Amber Rudd had to try and refocus the debate onto Boris himself.


Then I see that Vice have posted a horribly ignorant and misinformed piece. To start with, I fail to see how stereotyping all Leave campaigners as "Old people in their Volvos" is in any way productive. It's very clear that a huge amount of Remain campaigners have simply turned vicious.

When I was bullied in school, I told a teacher what was going on. She told me: "A lot of the time, bullies are scared". Is that why the Remainers seem to be bullying those in favour of Leave? I can't think of any other logical reason. Then again, launching into personal insult doesn't seem to be based off any sort of logic, so maybe this train of thought isn't useful.

By the way, Vice, there is a difference between Europe and the European Union. When I attended one of the many EU debate shows, this particular one the BBC one in Glasgow, another Remain campaigner got them mixed up too. Interesting trend, that - it might be helpful to get basic terminology right before launching a vitriolic attack?

It is not anti-European to leave the European Union. To leave the EU is not "Leaving Europe". We are not sticking two fingers up at the rest of the world, shutting off all our borders in the style of a certain Republican candidate we all know and love, and sitting in our houses, waving Union Jack victory flags. No, all I know is - we are spending a lot of money on EU membership. We are also suffering as a nation. Our NHS is struggling, unemployment is rising - as someone who has been unemployed, as someone who has seen first-hand the pressure NHS staff are under, is it so wrong of me to look at the situation and go: Hang on. Maybe we should take some time to look after our country, spend this money on helping people who really need it? Refocus our priorities and establish trading deals outside of an inflexible bloc?

I have no problem whatsoever with people from other countries entering and living here. I am not at all racist and find this stereotype abhorrent. What I believe in - what all of my Leave friends believe in - is simply ensuring that a balance is found. That we can make sure those already in the country are looked after first, and that others who would like to live here are properly assessed. Australia has a points-based system - surely that is something that should be considered here?

My friend founded the BeLeave campaign. The website homepage speaks of hoping to inspire a generation to make "an informed and rational choice". That is a far cry from Vice's vision of "someone's 70 year-old racist nan" having a rant about the "ruddy EU". In fact, I have had conversations about leaving the EU with more people of my own age than those in their 70s. Maybe Vice should consider that before throwing out such a stereotype?

I'm not entirely sure if Vice are winding us up or not. Regardless, though, I'm grateful the post is up. Because this just proves that the only response the Remain campaign seem to have for our optimistic vision of Britain is ignorant stereotyping and vicious personal insult. Doesn't bode well, does it?

P.s. my nan is in her 70s and wants to vote leave after weighing up all the information that has been given to her. I know she'd find Vice's description of old people hilarious. In fact, I'll email it to her now. Hopefully she won't choke on her Werther's Originals.