10/07/2014 12:23 BST | Updated 08/09/2014 06:59 BST

A Female Perspective: Why It Sucks to Live With One

So many people complain about living with guys, and I'm totally on their side - I mean, the number one thing that ticks me off is when guys leave the toilet seat up. Plus, they seem incapable of tidying things away - my boyfriend will open a loaf of bread, get the cheese and butter out of the fridge, make a sandwich, and leave everything on the side for someone to clean up. It's like, excuse me, I'm not your mother, and even she shouldn't be expected to clean up after you - you're 22!

But I can totally understand where guys come from when they make their own complaints - here are some of the reasons that, in my opinion, make women just as annoying to live with.

1) Loud phone conversations

When we're on the phone, talking about the latest scandal ("OMG she finally got with Chris last night? No way!"), our voices can get pretty loud, and high-pitched. This can be rather annoying - especially when said conversation lasts a few hours. Guys barely use their phones - us women know we're lucky to get a text off them, much less a phone call. Therefore, men are unlikely to understand our need to be glued to our phones, much less our need to talk four hours to the girlfriend we only went shopping with half an hour ago.

2) Taking up all the bathroom space

Women have a LOT of essentials - moisturiser, eye cream, primer, foundation, bronzer, eyeliner, mascara, shower gel, Lush products... most guys I know own a razor and an all in one hair/shower gel. So you can imagine he'll feel a little overwhelmed when the bathroom suddenly becomes littered with meaningless products he couldn't identify, let alone use, not to mention his annoyance at the fact that his own stuff has been "tidied away" (absorbed into our mountain of beauty products...) Speaking of which...

3) Tidying things away

Yes, we think we're being helpful by putting everything away and organising their stuff a little bit (OK, a lot), but men have a floordrobe too, you know. They just don't usually refer to it as that. But they will remember where they've left most of their stuff, which is a lot more than we can say for ours ("Where's that dress I want to wear tonight? Damn, did Grace borrow it? Or was it Sarah...)

4) Taking up the bed space

Most girls are used to sleeping in a double bed, and most guys are used to a single - from my experience, anyway. All this changes, however, when you share a bed. It's a downgrade for you, and an upgrade for the guy. Unfortunately, this isn't actually true - there's not much difference for the girl, as she'll tend to take up most of the space, and it's a further downgrade for the guy as he finds himself pressed up against the wall.

5) Taking over the entire living space

Sometimes we (conveniently) forget there's a guy in the house/flat living with us, because "Those fairy lights were on sale!/These cushions were the most adorable shade of pink/Don't you think this lampshade is cute?" Guys don't want to invite their friends over to a pretty pink princess palace.

So sure, there are plenty of reasons why guys annoy us once we're living with them - and your complaints will, most likely, be legit. However, girls aren't exactly easy to live with, either. In fact, people in general are difficult to live with. So how about we all cut each other some slack?