07/02/2013 12:27 GMT | Updated 09/04/2013 06:12 BST

Sextremism: The New Way for Feminism to Be!


I need to reveal to you all a terrible secret about civilization - a woman is not a human being.

This secret is thousands and thousands of years old. This dogma, the subjugation of women, has been spelled out in all texts that are considered to be sacred to humanity - the Bible, the Torah, the Koran. It is refected in the art and folklore of all peoples and nations. It is even evident in legal systems and legislations. The doctrine of the subjugation of women is shared to some degrees by all countries from the East to the West. Let's remember nasty incidents involved the Swedish furniture chain IKEA trying to please the rich Saudi Wanhabi by photoshopping out women and girls from the Middle East version of its catalogue. This misogynistic and monstrous alliance was formed between a country with one of the highest levels of emancipation and a country where women are still denied the right to vote. This catalogue has became a marketing manifesto for modern patriachy - a system which, whether manipulating women's bodies for full concealment, or for pornography, works solely on the ideological and economic interests of men.

This is the public crime against women's liberation. And it has explanation.

The key to enslavement of women by men - control over her body. These methods of control range from the glamour of the 'beauty industry' to barbaric acts such as genital mutilations and acid deification.

We live in a world of men's economic, cultural and ideological occupation. In this world woman is a slave, she is deprived of the property rights at all, but the main thing - it is deprived of ownership of her own body.

Away from the woman, her body was the target of ugly patriarchal exploitation. Total control over the woman's body is the main tool of her oppression, female sex-step is the key to her freedom. Female nudity which is free from the patriarchal system becomes the symbol of women's liberation. Nudity as a weapon is one of new ways for feminism to transform. We are naked because we are feminists.

Female body is denied, used, sold, abused, considered obscene, dirty, guilty. The body of the woman is always too much. Or not enough. And this idea has infected up to women themselves. The biggest concern of modern feminism is how to take back the female body from the cultural and financial machine of the patriachal system, and return it to its rightful owners - using this body, instead, to protect the interests of women across the world.

Femen is trying to bring to the world a new interpretation of modern feminism, where the naked body becomes an active instrument in confronting institutions of patriachy - such as the church, dictatorship and the sex industry. We have a developed a tactic that we call sextremism. Sextremism is new type of women's activism that is aggressive but still not violent, that is provocative but with clear message. Sextremism not only allows us to raise awareness about some of the more important issues that are facing women today, but also to check each country for level of its liberation. Sextremism is insurgent against patriarchy using women's sexuality for political protests. We use the sexist weapons of patriarchy against itself. Playing with stereotypical codes is a way of breaking the male domination notions about the nature of female sexuality in favor of its great revolutionary mission. Sextremists are a demonstration of intellectual, psychological and physical superiority of women. Superiority to reach equality because women as so poorly treated that they need to get way more to reach finally sex equality.

We have conducted topless protests in countries across the globe, in a democratic country they shake our hands, in a totalitarian state our activists can be beaten, kidnapped or imprisoned. Femen is a performing a real test for democracy all over the world.


Here on HuffPost we start our notes of sextremist belief to knock in each mind the idea of women's riot that didn't finish in 70th but is continuing and we are going to go till the end.

Go out! Undress! Win!

Read you soon!

Your Inna Femen