11/08/2017 12:19 BST | Updated 11/08/2017 12:19 BST

'Into It': 'Celebrity Big Brother' Rows, Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Split And Unpopular TV Storylines

In this week's 'Into It', the team examines the reaction to Chris Pratt and Anna Faris's break-up, and questions whether the public outcry suggests we're putting a little too much pressure on celebrities and their personal lives.

They're also looking at the arguments currently going on in the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house, and discussing whether a line has been crossed when it comes to conflict in reality TV, as well as picking apart this week's viral Twitter thread about Rachel and Joey's relationship in 'Friends'.

Plus, after Jennifer Lawrence finally addressed the critical backlash faced by her film 'Passengers', they're taking a look back at some of the worst films to ever grace the silver screen, and trying to guess how well they each did at the box office.

All this and more in the new episode of 'Into It', which you can listen to above, or click here to subscribe on the Apple Podcasts store.