09/08/2017 12:19 BST | Updated 09/08/2017 12:20 BST

What NOT To Do In The Run Up To Getting Your Exam Results

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For thousands of students exam results day can be a very stressful time. Having helped many young people and their families over the past decade, here are some top tips about what NOT to do on the all-important run up to the day.

Panic! It seems inevitable to feel some nervousness as you get closer to the results coming out but stay positive that your hard work will pay off and think about the fantastic experiences that await you.

Stick your head in the sand. You probably already have a clear 'Plan A' scenario in mind. But things can change very quickly and what if you suddenly need a 'Plan B'. Or even 'Plan C'?

Isolate yourself and turn away from loved ones and friends. I often talk about the importance of students building and maintaining a support network. Your own personal cheerleading squad, there to celebrate your successes and help you up when you feel down.

Be inflexible. Understandably, your eyes will be fixed on a September start in your first choice university. I always think it is worth knowing about alternatives to that option though. And I don't mean only consider this in a worst-case scenario!

Rush your decisions. Remember only you can take these steps and that no one can pressure you into doing so. Think positively but dare to think about the 'what if' scenarios too. You do have the time and space - even on the results day itself - to look at all options, learn what they offer and make the best decision for your future.

Not call the Exam Results Helpline! This is the most important thing that you should NOT not do! We're here - and genuinely love - helping thousands of students with their individual circumstances and range of choices. We can help you unpick the tricky stuff.

The Exam Results Helpline is 0808 100 8000 and opening times can be found here.