How MC Hammer Can Help You Stay Positive

31/07/2017 13:35 BST | Updated 31/07/2017 13:35 BST

It's the summer holidays in the UK and my house is already trashed, my three kids have fallen out and made up again at least 10 times a day and it's rained - lots.

I've fallen into habits of being tired and grumpy.

I don't like being that mum.

The one who gets irritated with them and who snaps. But I have been that mum.


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Instead, I'd prefer to be the calm, positive mum who doesn't react at the slightest thing.

It's hard to be that mum, but I aim to be her every single day.

I work with children and I know how damaging words can be to their self esteem and confidence. I'm not a parenting coach, I help children be aware of their thoughts and feelings, so that they can feel more in control, happier and know their worth. I teach them the tools needed to be happy and confident.

Boy have I needed those tools this week! Having a positive mindset takes practise.

I've spent years meditating, tapping and doing yoga, but some days I do turn into grumpy mum. I'm human after all.

But, as I was hanging out my washing this week, the words of MC Hammer randomly popped into my head.

'Stop, hammer time.'

And it struck me. When I'm about to react to my kids drawing on the walls, or being mean to each other I can choose to take a moment.

I can say 'stop, hammer time', 'stop happy time' or 'stop take some time', or words of my choice... anything to stop those negative thoughts and automatic reactions in their tracks. Stop is certainly the operative word here.

I often tell my clients that if you can distract yourself for 17 seconds then you can stop a negative thought before another one just like it joins it. I often count to 17 when I'm aware of any negative thoughts and it works. Some days I count to 100.

My clients also know that music can change your thoughts and state in an instant.

If my kids are struggling to get ready for school on time, a bit of ACDC gets them out the door faster and happier.

If my kids are hyper and need to wind down, a bit of Ed Sheeran gets them singing and dancing so that they can release the pent up energy in a positive way.

That's why MC Hammer can help.

Singing 'stop' can alert you to the fact that you need to stop your thoughts and reactions and take a moment to choose how you're going to react. If you like the song, then you can start to hum the beats afterwards, or at least have a laugh remembering his outfit in the video and lift your mood.

You don't have to react to things the same way you have for years.

Your behaviour and reactions don't have to be automatic. You can choose calmness in the eye of the storm.

So, try counting, singing or handing over your worries to MC Hammer. If you can be happy despite your surroundings by not reacting to the craziness that is life then nothing can touch your happiness.

"...can't touch this."

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