26/04/2016 11:37 BST | Updated 27/04/2017 06:12 BST

The Hillsborough Conclusions Can Give Hope To Us All

The conclusions of the Hillsborough disaster inquests are a victory for not just those connected to the 96 families, or the Hillsborough disaster itself. The results are not football related, nor are they exclusive to the City of Liverpool. The results of this, long, excruciating trail and the 27 year fight for justice - against all the odds - and the fight of the remarkable families, are a prime example to everybody of why you should never, ever give up fighting injustice.

The families and all those who have fought for 27 years are a shining beacon of hope, proving to us what can be achieved when you fight for what is right; regardless of the size or power of those you are fighting against.

Although separately our voices can be easily drowned out, together they are loud and strong and can make a difference.

We are the people, we have the power. We can force a change; we can force the truth to be seen.

And although many would've given up, they didn't. They shouted louder, they dug in their heels and refused to be moved because they knew the truth. Even when everybody seemed against them, when hurtful and untrue stories were published, they kept their dignity and became more determined.

There are many we have lost along the way; parents who had long for this day but never got to see it, which is something that should never be forgiven, and we remember them too in this victory towards justice.

But this is just the start, the battle is yet to be won and until those to blame are truly held accountable, we will never have the full justice.

But now the world knows the facts, that those moaning Scousers who wouldn't go away were telling the truth. The real truth.

Upon my hand is a permanent dedication to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster that I will wear with pride will do for the rest of my life. It is a dedication to their friends and families, a dedication to the City of Liverpool; my home, my inspiration, my pride and joy.

15th April 1989 is a date that will always be an integral part of this City's history. It is a date which will remind us all of pain, tears and injustice but it is also a date which we should remember for its solidarity, camaraderie and love.

Today should go down in history as an example of what strength, courage and defiance can achieve.

Today can be a day that we talk to our children about the power of solidarity and togetherness.

Over the years, today being no exception, the number 96 is used quite freely when talking about the group who were tragically taken, but it is important to remember that behind the number are 96 stories of 96 individual lives.

Behind each picture is a life lost, a family distraught, children left without parents, parents without their babies.

Today we remember them. Today we remember their families, their friends and all those who have been victim of the disaster on the day and the 27 years of needless and cruel pain since.

Today we allow those to grieve in a way they should have all those years ago. Today we grieve with them and thank them for their example.

They have given hope to us all.