11/10/2017 08:59 BST | Updated 11/10/2017 08:59 BST

When Mummy Feels Not Needed


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There have been so many changes in our little way of life recently and today is just another to add to the list. The Little Man is growing up so fast. It feels like I'm blinking and missing so much. Today, for the first time in almost five years, I have a Saturday to myself. Today, Little Man has gone to the football with his daddy. Mummy isn't needed today.

The husband has always gone to the football. As an avid season ticket holder for the duration of our relationship, it's always meant that pretty much every other Saturday during the football season for the last ten years, he would be at a match and I had the day to myself. That was of course, up until December 2012 when our little bundle of happiness arrived.

From then on in, I had to pretty much rule Saturday's out of the equation that involved a football match. It was a given that obviously, on those days I couldn't make plans because I was needed at home. It's just the way it is and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Spending precious weekends with my little fella is always a pleasure. Well, apart from that stage we went through when he was, let's say.... challenging?!

Today, however, is somewhat different. Today the Little Man has gone off with his daddy and grandad to watch the football for himself. Leaving me here, at home, on my own, feeling, if I'm honest, a little not needed.

I know that this isn't the case at all. Of course, I'm needed. It's just really weird you know?! When your whole weekends are usually arranged around certain things and then all of a sudden it's changed and it's different.

I've craved 'me time' in the past. Like, desperately. Now I finally have it and I feel a little lost. I guess with the whole starting school thing I just feel a bit like my Little Man is slipping away from me in dribs and drabs. I know he isn't. He will hopefully always want is mumma. It's just a strange adjustment when life as you know it begins to change.

I have no idea how today will go. Whether he will love it or whether he will hate it. I hope he loves it, I really do. His daddy is a crazy football fan. Devoted, to say the least, and I would love to see this as something they can regularly do together. Enjoy the special father and son time together as he does with his own dad. Three generations of football fans together. It's a lovely thing really.

As for me. I know today I feel like mummy isn't needed, but I'll be alright. With a house to run there is always something to be doing and with a blog to run, there is never a list that is complete! And if I don't feel like doing any of those things, I could always go and get my nails done or go shopping. That's if I can remember how to without a child...!

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