28/09/2011 10:16 BST | Updated 26/11/2011 05:12 GMT

EuroGamer Expo Round-up

The dust settles from the TGS and with the big releases around the corner it is time for the Expo of these shores.

From 22nd - 25th September the Euro Gamer Expo had taken over Earls Court with posters for major games all over and even a tank outside the exhibition centre.

The expo had many points of interest with highlights including the UK launch of games streaming service OnLive and the first European hands on the PS Vita and major titles such as Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The expo had something for every kind of gamer, well, maybe not an impatient one as to be expected the queues were immense - none more so then for the Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

The show wasn't all about the latest games as it had an industry area for anyone interested in careers or courses to take to get into the gaming business and a retro space called Replay where you could enjoy some games from systems gone by.

There was also an appearance from WCG (World Cyber Game) holding tournaments throughout the expo for Fifa11 and Tekken 6 with two tournaments on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the finals for each taking place on Sunday (which the winner of the previous days won a ticket too). With the winners of Sunday's contest getting a chance to represent the UK in the WCG Championships in Korea.

All Sony and Nintendo seemed to have a stronger presence then Microsoft with Vita and 3DS on show but the Kinect left mostly unplayed until some good ground work got some to try Just Dance 3. However beyond Zelda: Skyward Sword there were no other Wii systems and most of Nintendo's efforts were pushing the 3D's even showing off its Sky 3D.

Getting your hands on the PlayStation Vita seemed to be what most wanted and with its lucky dip of which game you would get to play getting a random draw of: Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Little Deviants and Everybody Loves Golf on offer.

Getting to try Little Big Plant really showed off the new system harnessing both the touch screen and rear touch panel not to mention tilt controls. Giving avid gamers a taste of what the new system could have in store for future titles increasing desire among already awaiting gamers.

The biggest want of the expo had to of been OnLive with an amazing offer to whomever is a registered member or signs up gets a free OnLive micro console and month free subscription, three months if you are with BT. With an amazing queue almost twice as long as another queue is bar Skyrim.

For those of you unaware of OnLive it is a remarkable piece of technology that stops the need for a gaming rig giving access to an amazing archive of games, but not just on PC but Mac, iPad and soon coming to Android tablets, by simply streaming the game with any OnLive account with the whole system being on the cloud it is highly portable just needing a powerful internet connection.

Euro Gamer Expo 2011 was such a success the dates for 2012 have already been released once again at the impressive Earl's Court from 27th - 30th September.

There were simply too many games to cover in one blog and will be uploading some soon with my thoughts on such titles as Sonic Generations, Ninja Gaiden 3, Ghost Reacon: Future Solder, Anarchy Reigns and many more.

So please check back soon or feel free to ask any questions about the expo and I'll answer as best I can.