09/11/2011 04:54 GMT | Updated 02/01/2012 05:12 GMT

GTAV Trailer

So not only was Grand Theft Auto announced, but on Uncharted 3's launch day we were also presented with a trailer to boot. Maybe that's a coincidence but I think it is no coincidence that Grand Theft Auto officially announces its impending return so close to that of its major competitor, Saints Row. Question is, do I think it will effect Saint Row's sales?

Not really. Saint's Row has steadily gained more and more fans, plus gamers have no idea how long it will be until they really get their hands on GTAV. SR has earned its name for being "What Grand Theft Auto used to be", what some mean by this is GTA4 really changed to a serious feel where as SR decided to go full tongue-in-cheek over-the-top fun.

But saying that are GTA finally going to marry the look, beauty and splendour of GTA4 with the amazingly varied gameplay and scenery of GTA:SA

But talking more on GTAV and its trailer, what can we pick up from it?

The major thing is location seems we are heading back to Los Santos with the Vinewood all but confirming we will be near to where players of San Andreas got to venture, this does not answer everthing on the location since their was a nice shot of a mountain and hikers don't really remember that, so could this new map be even bigger?

We didn't really get to see a main character of sorts leading to the growing rumour that you will be controlling multple protaganists. A lot of sale signs where on show so could that hinting you can now buy property once again? We also saw someone playing golf maybe more mini games like bowling and pool from GTA4.

There were many things you could pick up from the single trailer which will no doubt fuel many theories and give hopes to what could be in the latest instalment of the popular franchise. What do you hope to see?

All I know is I hope to go see Grove Street, see how it has changed over the years and graphical leaps then go jump on a jet ski and make waves.