23/03/2012 10:48 GMT | Updated 23/05/2012 06:12 BST

Mass Effect 3 - Why All the Attention?

Mass Effect (ME) has been in the news a fair amount lately. I'm not really shocked at the reactions as I know how people become attached to certain IPs (plus the previous titles were no strangers to controversy).

The passion Mass Effect fans have for the series was never in question. I may not be as vocal as say, the gamers involved in the Retake Mass Effect Campaign. Since even though I have slight issues with the ending (or lack their of), I enjoyed my time with Mass Effect, but I can see why they may feel the need to change the outcome. More on the Retaking of Mass Effect here.

This series is one of the best examples of story telling I have ever had the chance to enjoy. Deep down I always knew that the ending of this series would be a difficult thing to take.

All this talk of story may have even taken away from the game itself, Mass Effect may have that almost familiar EA issue of seeming rushed/unpolished in some areas but overall it is generally a great game.

I was happy to see customisation had returned in ME3, going from all the choices in the original to the stock guns you had in two was a little disappointing, but ME3 seems to tread the line well not having you over, or underwhelmed by choice.

Mass Effect for most however was always a story driven game, which shaped the universe around you and your decisions, pretty much ensuring your game is a unique experience.

This often left me wondering what would have happened if I had done anything differently, which no doubt will lead to another play through, which to me is the mark of a great game.

Free choice however started a debate, namely the choice of partner. In Mass Effect everything is about choice and it's your Shepard so why shouldn't they get to share aspects of your character, you're never forced into a relationship of any kind homo or heterosexual, so complaining its an option is really unnecessary.

Pleasing someone when ending something they have invested 100+ hours is difficult let alone over one million people, so I can see why Bioware aimed to make it "memorable" rather the attempt to please the masses.

The main issue with the ending is lack of closure or what happens next (that little snippet before and after credits doesn't cut it). It almost raises more questions then it answers.

I'm can however almost see that the game had to end like that for the sake of the series.

Finding a work around for Shepard would be near impossible, Udina becoming councillor started enough grief. Its most likely also the reason Bioware have avoided having Shepeard in any media outside the game, only having small mentions and avoiding physically showing Shepard in any of the comics.

My grip was the big "DLC SOON" right after I finished. Now I love the series so any chance to extend my stay in the Mass Effect universe is great, with that said this is after I know how it all ends, this is unlike with Arrival which was leading to the third.

Its after I have seen the conclusion Shepard's (ok lets be honest MY) story, I'm pretty much told that I've missed out something but will get to go back in time and do it eventually.

Which I don't like, as I don't know what effect it could have had on my Shepard, something happening in a mission could potentially change how I act in another, extreme maybe, however Project Overlord changed the way I wanted to treat the Geth, so never know.

Also this being Mass Effect it's going to be hard knowing decisions made in this DLC will have no real effect, as I've seen how my journey ends. I look forward to Bioware proving me wrong. There are little hints that the events leading up to the ending may not be all it seems, here's hoping we get a true ending.

Reading the comics just made it worse, as before I even started Mass Effect 3 I was expecting to be taking back Omega with Aria T'Loak , which sadly didn't happen. Now I fear that this will be DLC, which I know I will have to get, just because I couldn't take not knowing how that struggle ends.

What do you think of the Mass Effect series or its ending? What are your thoughts about all the debating? Did you donate to Retake Mass Effect? What do you hope/expect to see from Mass Effect DLC?

Let me know in the comments below.