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Karen Danczuk: From Cameron's Evil Eyes to Losing Scotland - How the Queen of Selfies Views the State of the Nation

The Queen of Selfies may be embarking on a new phase of her life but rest assured, Karen Danczuk will return to politics and will be looking to shake up the establishment. They've got five years to get prepared.

As the country lumbers it's way towards polling day there is still a sense of uncertainty about whether any party will get a clear majority in next month's election and be trusted to take the country forward. One person though that has a clear vision of where their future lies after 7th May is the self-proclaimed 'Queen of Selfies' Karen Danczuk.

It is the end of an era for Danczuk as she has decided to not look for re-election to the Rochdale council she has has served over the past years, since becoming the youngest ever female councillor in the North West. Whilst pleased at the bright lights that are beaming through the open door to the next stage of her career, there was also a glint of sadness at leaving a chapter in her life that she fought so hard to achieve.

"It was quite emotional," was Danczuk's summation of her last full council meeting, "as I hadn't realised the impact I'd had. Even though I was so young, I was one of the longest serving members and it was nice being complimented about the woman I have become."

Determination has been a key factor in Karen Danczuk's success as she campaigned hard for her right to be elected and has managed to keep all eyes on her constituency as the only female councillor to warrant constant international attention.

Married to Labour MP Simon Danczuk, it has been Karen's love of selfies, especially of a titillating nature, that has seen her become a fixture of the tabloids and a social media sensation. This may be the headline grabber but she is sure that the Councillors she leaves behind will breathe a sigh of relief that they won't have to cross swords with her again, for a while anyway.

"I don't want to be second or third," states Karen in her friendly north-west lilt that hides the steeliness of her personality, "even at school sport's day with the parent's race, I want to win, so I'm sure the Councillors will have an easier time as I'm not wishy-washy. It felt that they were shocked that I was someone with brains that could take them on."

With balancing the books and the prospect of more cuts to services, this election campaign hasn't given hope of brighter times ahead, so who's best equipped to deliver our future? Danczuk is forthright about the need for change.

"David Cameron is looking a bit shifty at the moment. There's something in his eyes that is a bit evil and if he gets a majority, with wiping out the deficit a priority, this would be bad news for the working class as he doesn't care who he hurts to get what he wants."

An optimism that Ed Miliband may be enjoying an upsurge in popularity is making this look like the result is going to be even closer than in 2010 and looking through her red tinged spectacles, Danczuk sees a Prime Minister that has seemingly lost his appetite.

"People are really listening to the policies this time compared to last election where it seemed that we voted for party leaders," said Danczuk, "but Cameron doesn't seem to have the fight. If you want to stay in power and lead the country you have to fight, fight, fight and I'm not sure he's got that."

Danczuk is positive that Labour have an electable alternative but feels if Conservatives stay in power then it will be Scotland where it is lost and not down to enlightening new policies from the Tories. "A Labour coalition with SNP would tear the country apart but it is the Scottish people having hope of a referendum again that means we've lost voters to SNP, to the Tories gain. They should thank their lucky stars."

With an increasing battle against voter apathy, what could re-engage the electorate? It's not a difficult solution according to Karen. "If you were buying a house and asked how many bedrooms it has and the estate agent said two, maybe three, then you wouldn't buy it. It's so frustrating when politicians are not answering the questions. Stop trying to trick us as you're losing voter confidence."

With this in mind, it could be that before the decade is out, Danczuk may stand as an MP so that she can bring her common sense talking to the Houses of Parliament. "I might have a touch of glamour but I've got the brains. I've made politics a talking point and I'm proud of that. I'll become an MP as I have the determination to succeed. I'm pro-feminist but know that we don't need women in politics just because they're women. It should always be the right person for the job and I think I would be that person."

The Queen of Selfies may be embarking on a new phase of her life but rest assured, Karen Danczuk will return to politics and will be looking to shake up the establishment. They've got five years to get prepared.