24/03/2017 12:53 GMT | Updated 25/03/2018 06:12 BST

Why The Return Of Line Of Duty Is A Bona Fide TV Event


There are not many TV programmes nowadays that can be described as unmissable. Of course, there are plenty that are good to watch if you're not particularly busy or you fancy a night in front of the gogglebox but you can count on one hand the shows that you really have to see.

The BBC are bringing one such show back to our screens this weekend and it has had a fully deserved promotion. Line of Duty has been the most popular drama in BBC Two's history and now the bosses at the Beeb are giving it's time in the spotlight on BBC One.

The crime drama has won a bucket load of awards over its three series and it is easy to see why. It's certainly guaranteed to wear out the edge of your seat.

The premise is the investigations of a fictional police unit - AC-12 - which is an anti-corruption team that looks to bring down the bad apples in the force.

There have been a few police dramas recently that have had critics and viewers singing from the hilltops. It is without doubt that Happy Valley and Broadchurch have been gripping tales that encourages the viewers to invest in the characters, so that the pay-offs are even greater as the story twists and turns.

What's for certain is that if Line of Duty was on BBC's main channel from the start, it would also be afforded the same amount of adulation.

The intricate plots (a blink and you could miss a case splitting second's worth of action), the outstanding acting and the tension filled episodes, mean that Line of Duty is a bona fide TV event.

The interview scenes alone are enough viewers at home admitting guilt to the crime, such is the intensity and sweat inducing nature of them.

The past couple of series have looked at the threat of terrorism and historic child abuse, so you can see that Line of Duty has its fingers on the pulse of the big crime stories of these times.

This time, it is believed that the storyline will hang around a whistleblower and with the big-hitting performers joining cast this time around, it is shaping up to be every bit as enthralling as it has before.

After being the star turn in the majestic TV remake of WestWorld, Thandie Newton is almost certainly going to raise Line of Duty to an even higher plain. She was an early frontrunner to be the next Doctor Who and the characters she plays are always powerful, stand out roles and there's no doubt she will be the talk of social media by the time the credits fall on Line of Duty after the first episode.

Not to be undone, there will be Jason Watkins adding the show to his long list of acting credits. He is usually associated with more comedic roles (see Trollied and Nativity as reference) but it is always fantastic to see him wearing his serious drama hat.

Line of Duty has carried a fearsome reputation from series to series and has improved each time. Now it is stepping out of the shadows of BBC Two, it will soon become the talk of the nation and any adulation that it receives will be much deserved. Just make sure that you're not the one that misses it.