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Our Responsibility to the Environment

Natures Cycle

On looking at some plants in the garden, I noticed how interlinked life is to one another. I could see how interwoven natures is, that humanity needs to be more responsible.

The oxygen that we breathe in has been given to us through the many plants. The world is magnificent and beautiful, should we take the time to look at it.


As a plant lives, it helps to support various lifeforms. A tree can be where a family of birds place its nest. A plant requires animals to keep on producing through pollination, by birds or bees.

This tree is the centre for a network that produces food for the local wildlife to live in. From the bugs that eat the leaves to birds that establish a nest.

Corporations place

There are corporations that are polluting the environment. They are poisoning the atmosphere and other resources that we as humanity need.

Whether that be water supplies being polluted to where wildlife are dying. We only have one planet, one Earth, once it is gone, and then that is it for all life.

Corporate Responsibility

There are some corporations who see the impact that they have on the environment. They see how important it is to preserve the environment.

They are taking steps to reduce the negative impact they have on the environment. Some are also making steps to create positive way of helping the environment.


One thing that happens around the world is that forests are cut down. This is to get timber as well as gain access to underground minerals to make various products.

This deforestation occurs far away from the eyes of those buying the products. Out of sight, out of mind. So that they can just live a life of ignorance.

How would we feel?

How would we feel if some life form was destroying towns? If they were being knocked down on an increasing basis.

If this destruction got to where great lengths of populated land is left barren. Or even to the point where vital resources were being polluted.

Consumer Society

The society that exists in this world, where people endlessly want new products. A lot of these products created by using fossil fuels (plastics etc).

Fossil fuels are burnt to get the products from production to the shop shelves. Great quantities of oil burnt get products from A to B.


The energy we use is mainly produced by burning fossil fuels, be that oil, coal or gas. These are extracted from deep underground from various places around the world.

These resources are limited in number and will eventually run out. When then will happen with the world, as the supply gets lower than the demand.

What holds green energy back?

One reason why we have not moved on from the fossil fuel industry is the vast money involved. There are many corporations who make billions of pounds from the sale of oil.

They influence the politicians to ensure that the system remains the same. They want to make sure that no laws will be passed that could harm their profits.


Those people who actually care about the planet are side-lined, seen as being hippies. The reason for this is to ensure that businesses profits are secured.

Protestors who see that corporations trying to make vast profits from destroying the Earth. Leaving no planet for future generations to live on.

Humanities Choice

Humanity must make a choice, whether to continue down the path that we are going on. A path that will lead to its own destruction.

Or humanity can find another path to live in. Many will say I am looking for a utopian society. A society where everything is filled with meadows and daisies.


We need to admire the beauty that exists in this world more, before it is all destroyed. We must not only be looking out for our own self interests.

We as humanity need to look after the planet and see the consequences of our actions. We need to preserve the planet, not just for our own benefits but for future generations.

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