22/12/2016 05:49 GMT | Updated 23/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Get The Job You Want Using Snapchat

If you're anything like me, when you first downloaded Snapchat, you spent ages sending pictures of yourself spewing rainbow vomit to your mates.

But if you were looking to progress your career using social media, you'd use LinkedIn, right?


Actually, Snapchat is rapidly becoming the go-to tool for many companies to recruit new talent, particularly when it comes to millennial and Gen Z employees.

You only have to look at the statistics - 60% of Snapchat users are under 25, 26% are 25-34 with only 12 percent of users aged 35 to 54 and just 2% over 55. Those users aren't all just selfie-obsessives. Snapchat users are also thought to be the most engaged of any social media channel.

In fact, some businesses are already asking for potential employees to apply for jobs via the app. Particularly if you want to work in our post-digital world, it really is a no-brainer.

Obviously to grab the attention of university grads and young adults, as a business, you've got to be entertaining and hopefully interactive and that was made possible with the launch of SnapChat Stories (the images and short videos that are available that are available to your followers for 24 hours, unlike the 10-second lifespan of the snap of you looking like a dog that you just sent to your girlfriend).

Not only is it a great place for companies to show what they have to offer and what makes them special, it means applicants get to ditch those boring old CVs and show why they deserve to have the job of their dreams.

You can create your own Story to show off your particular career skills as well a give a unique and fun insight into your life and the kind of person you are, which is a damn sight more interesting than a dusty old cover letter or resume.

It works in the same way for companies. My office Christmas party the other day was put up as a Story and it was viewed more than 1.5million times.

Yes, the video was funny and entertaining, so our followers clearly enjoyed it, but more importantly, it gave all those viewers a window into what it's like working at our office.

Snapchat is all about storytelling after all, so it makes sense to get our story out there and give them a peek behind the curtain as it were, which of course, our fans love.

Then again, Snapchat is part of our DNA - we use it everyday to show behind the scenes films of the office, and we also recently launched a Saturday morning football show on Snapchat Discover, called 'Saturdays Are Lit'. It's as vital to us as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and our fans feel the same. The SnapChat of 2016 really is a million miles from the site that launched in 2011.

But with more than 150million daily active users and 10billion daily video views now, it's no surprise that Snapchat is quickly becoming the ultimate recruitment tool - so get on it if you're looking for a new job. You might even end up working with me.