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I Predicted Trump v Clinton Two Years Ago

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Who do you think this is?

A larger-than-life, mega-rich, dangerous egotist who prided himself on being Number One.

He and his glamorous wife were outrageously wealthy.

He owned half the city, having bought the land cheap long ago.

He dazzled the public with his developments - some of which raised a lot of questions.

Those in charge knew that there was something fishy about his restoration and construction projects, but the city needed the money, so they turned a blind eye to his practices.

His money was dirty.

He used money not only to buy power but also to settle scores.

He humiliated and embarrassed others in power.

He had the media eating out of his hand.

He had a complete disregard for the law and considered himself to be above it.

He was almost untouchable.

Indeed, an associate ended up taking the fall for him.

He broke laws left, right and centre.

He wasted police resources.

He was a public menace who managed to convince a vast proportion of the population that he was acting in their interests.

He tore up the rule book and completely disregarded convention.

He shook things up.

He continuously distracted the people with money, noise and nonsense - so much so that they forgot who he really was.

He fed them junk TV.

He whipped people into a frenzy in the streets.

Every time he spoke in public, he appeared to create another scandal.

He didn't care what he did next, as long as it increased his profile.

He was reckless and unpredictable.

He used the army as political fodder and made a mockery of them.

He ran for election against an ambitious woman, at a time of considerable political upheaval.

He provided a great many disillusioned citizens with the illusion of power, and this led to further unrest.

He constantly went off-topic.

He taunted his opponent every step of the way, and even interrupted her speeches on TV.

He was rude in the media and to the media, and they still couldn't get enough of him, even when he turned the public against them.

He broadcast outrageous accusations direct to the people, often apparently on a whim, causing endless consternation.

The further he went, the more unstoppable he seemed.

No matter how ludicrous his pronouncements became, or how egregious his lies, the public sat up and paid attention.

He even threatened people, although most people considered this to be mere bluster.

His campaign was characterized by endless self-promotion, deceit and mud-slinging.

His opponent's campaign was more conventional, although many either weren't entirely sure what she stood for or didn't trust her.

She preferred not to go off-script; he didn't bother with a script in the first place.

She tried to rebrand herself; he felt he didn't need to.

He treated the election as a continuation of what he had already worked to achieve, and focused on unsettling his opponent.

Powerful figures had their secrets revealed as the election drew closer, and the entire political system looked to be falling apart.

Revelations about his own past revealed corruption, hypocrisy and incompetence in others.

Although there was damning video evidence against him, it didn't emerge until shortly before the election.

He never apologized when questioned about his misdemeanours; instead, he would change the subject and impugn his opponent's character.

He used every available opportunity to expose her hypocrisy and corruption, and in doing so, succeeded to some extent in taking the voters' minds off his own criminal career, which was breathtaking in its longevity and scope.

Although at times he appeared to have lost interest in the process, he kept going.

He even did his best to interfere when voting opened.

Sure, it's fair to say that this applies to Trump and his election campaign (June 2015 - November 2016).

But everything in this list pertains to Crimer, the main character in @CrimerShow (March 2013 - June 2014), which I wrote.

You're damn right I predicted this! I waited 2 and a half years to post this, so please excuse my smugness. I could tell you the result of the election, but where's the fun in that?

So long

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