18/04/2017 12:21 BST | Updated 18/04/2017 12:21 BST

Time For Cool Heads, We Have Opportunity For Change In June

Under Tory rule the UK has seen a 700% increase in foodbanks across the nation, there were 56 in 2010 to 445 in 2015 and a parliamentary inquiry into Hunger in the UK in 2014 estimated that over 1,500 other organisations are providing emergency food assistance to the public. We watched the British Red Cross drafted in to support the NHS and the charity to call on the Government to allocate funding to the health service and social care. This government has attacked the environment by scrapping support of onshore wind, axing solar and biomass subsidies, killed the green homes scheme, selling off the Green Investment Bank and watering down incentives to buy greener cars.

This is just scratching the surface of the damage to the most vulnerable and systematic destruction of public services and vital policy that the government have imposed over the last 7 years. Brexit looks to overshadow these facts as one of the biggest political shifts in recent history but we can not allow it to lead the United Kingdom into another five years of Tory led austerity and misery. We have seen a huge number of U-turns by the Government over the last 7 years including recent U-turns on tax hikes, foreign staff lists and Northern Powerhouse Support and David Cameron's Government was famed for their many, many U-Turns including those on Tax Credits, Animal Welfare and Freedom of Information. Theresa May's call for a General Election has also been branded a U-Turn.

Recent polling has suggested that Theresa May is in an extremely strong position and Jeremy Corbyn is dire in comparison and the picture that is painted is that Labour is divided and the news of the General Election has the party in panic. The concerns over Jeremy Corbyn's leadership and the strength of the party are no secret. However we are now steamrolling towards an Election on June 8th providing parliament votes to approve the move. With 50 days to go there is no longer time to question Corbyn or the Labour party. They are the opposition and despite reports they have had a fair amount of success holding the government to account on a huge number of issues.

Now is the time is now to delve into the facts, figures, pledges and policies of the parties, ensure you are registered to vote and focus on the coming weeks of campaigning to make the correct, informed decision for you and the country. We cannot afford to make the same mistake of believing disinformation and sketchy facts like was portrayed throughout the referendum campaign.

I personally still believe that Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party is the best option for the country. Jeremy Corbyn has 10 solid pledges outlined and backed up by a sound economic plan and the party has been unveiling some very popular and important polices in recent weeks. It's also important to note that the party has been in opposition for the last 7 years and preparing for this snap General Election situation since Theresa May became Prime Minister. Corbyn appeared on BBC News very excited, confident about the news and I think we will be seeing a very exciting campaign from him.

Enough of the division, speculation and ridicule. We have a General Election coming, we have Jeremy Corbyn steering Labour. That is what we must deal with. This is a very welcomed opportunity to ensure that we don't continue down the road of relentless Austerity and the dismantling of society that we need to grasp with both hands and use to force the Tories out.