11/07/2014 12:39 BST | Updated 10/09/2014 06:59 BST

Back of the Net!

As the World Cup Final draws closer - will it be a win for Germany or can South America redeem some pride with an Argentinian victory?

To make the most of your weekend, and say a sorrowful/welcome goodbye to the World Cup for another four years (delete where appropriate), we've a whole host of Matchday Munchies on Food Tube!

France may not have proven themselves as World Cup Champions, but one thing that can't be doubted is French Guy Cooking's outrageously good croissants three-ways. These sweet and savoury mini pastries are perfect party food and, with an easy-peasy how-to, even the kids can get involved. Ooo la la!

Gennaro's scored a winner with this Italian inspired football Risotto! Created with 11 ingredients, this colourful and tasty recipe will be the talking point of any World Cup get together.

Passion, energy and talent oozes from our Food Tube fire-cracker, Felicitas Pizzaro, as she plates up Argentinian Choripan with spicy salsa criolla! Can Argentina deliver the same performance on Sunday?

You're going to need something to wash down all that damn good grub... hello, Drinks Tube!

France may be favoured for their vino, but French Guy Cooking is a connoisseur of Craft Beer!

Gennnaro bursts onto the pitch with three Italians in the World Cup beer line-up. Salute!

And last, but absolutely no means least... Felicitas has chosen three very different and delicious craft beers that you've got to try when you're watching the 'Albicelestes'!

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