09/12/2015 06:17 GMT | Updated 08/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Just Eat It!

Does this sound familiar, you get invited to a party and find yourself making polite conversation with someone you haven't seen since, well errr funnily enough this time last year, only to have a plate of deep, fried, beige food bestowed upon you. Your host is watching you and she wants your verdict on what is basically, her ability to reheat some frozen goods. She's there smiling, longing to see you EAT IT!!! Welcome to the phenomenon of what can only be described as the 'Ninja Host'. You are thinking, I have worked hard this year and am on track, an hour in your presence could undo months of early starts, sweaty workouts and to be frank, at times tears.

The Ninja Host is stealth like in her approach. She likes to see that guests have a full plate and a well topped glass. She comes in many forms: Mother in law, aunt, mother, sister and friend. She is sabotage personified. Generally speaking her common characteristics include; insistence that you eat some, mockery of your health goals and it's all usually topped off with a sprinkle of 'offence' when you politely decline a mince pie. Well notch up your will power and learn from the master who is the 'Ninja Host' slayer.


Your Host is...

Who is it? I have a general rule if it's family, the ones that just don't get me (and what I like to eat), I try and roll with it. I don't mention my preferences and I try and eat something of what they are giving me. If it's a 'work do' or someone I don't think will mind too much, I just do my own thing. Some battles are not worth having and if it means so much to my mother in law, to see me eat that sausage roll, I do it and take it for the team (although I have been known to transfer food onto hubbie's plate!!)

It's in the bag.....

You're amazing, you look great and you have never felt better. Sometimes, if you want to feel how you want to feel, you might have to take what looks like to some, a spot of random action. Don't let a deep fried buffet ruin what you've achieved. Keep a small packet of nuts in your bag for an emergency just as this! Eat them quietly, yet confidently. People will assume that they are one of the 'nibbles' on offer.

Curb your Vulnerability

Don't turn up to a party after a busy day on an empty stomach. Your efforts to stay on track will be futile. Trust me, as soon as the deep fried calamari and pulled pork sandwiches make an appearance, your willpower will waver. Try and have a small meal right before, that way you won't be hungry. Then if you're lucky enough to find the vegetable crudités and salad, you can pile your plate high and that is sure to keep your host happy! Another tip is to drive so you don't have to drink. If that's not for you (or the party's next door), try sticking with something like G&T, which you can have with a low calorie tonic. You could also think about alternating every other drink for soda and lime. Overall, this will help you to avoid the attention from seasonal 'go on its Christmas' brigade.

Keep your party outfit in mind

When I'm at a pre-Christmas 'do' I always have my New Year's Eve outfit in mind. This year I do not want to feel like a bloated soft toy getting ready for the party. I have bought a figure hugging dress, there is no room for post-Christmas bulge and I really want to wear it.

And Finally.......

The bottom line is keeping to your health and fitness goals at this time of year, can be more challenging than usual, but YOU can do it. Plan what you're going to do before each party and if you have a splurge enjoy yourself, pick yourself up and keep going!!!!