Releasing resistance is key if you want to attract all that you desire. So put your intention and focus on a fantastic outcome because all possibilities exist in the Quantum field and what you perceive is what will show up for you.

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'The limit of your present understanding is not the limit of your possibilities.' - Guy Finley

Be brave.

Do the thing that you think you cannot do.



But be aware that all along the way there will be signs and happy synchronicities calling out to you confirming you are on the right path. Be aware of them.

Releasing resistance is key if you want to attract all that you desire. So put your intention and focus on a fantastic outcome because all possibilities exist in the Quantum field and what you perceive is what will show up for you.

Meditate on the things you want to attract - keep your mind clear so that you are focusing on what you want - you have the power to create it.

Meditation helps release our hold on certain patterns of thought. Releasing resistance is probably the most important of all the processes because resistance to change stops the manifesting of our desires in their tracks. When we are relaxed, our brain waves shift to the alpha state and from there we can imagine or visualize what we want to have happen in our lives.

We're all wired for greatness - believe this - so expect greatness and positive expectation. Ask for Divine guidance. The universe has your back which I've often found is a source of great comfort in times of change in my life. Once we learn to trust this it changes everything. It releases that resistance. This universal presence is always in motion with pure creative energy and vibration and it is the most important presence in our lives - everything we have comes from it.

We connect to the universal presence through our subconscious mind - through our thoughts and feelings. The subconscious stores everything we've experienced - good or bad - but once we are aware of this we can create new dominant thoughts with positive affirmations and visualizations practiced on a daily basis. These will change the negative programmes and resistance in our mind! The subconscious can become our friend, so keep it simple. The Law of Attraction states things of a like vibration are brought together. Change your vibration to a positive one and create a positive outcome.

The subconscious doesn't like change and will try to resist the affirmations - so say I am or I will in the positive present moment as if it's already happened.

People respond to us by whatever vibration we are giving out. Look for the good in people and you will evoke the best from them. What do you love about yourself? Until we love ourselves unconditionally we cannot love others fully. So learn to love and approve of yourself. This is where mirror work can be very helpful - which I will explain in my workshop (see below).

Trying won't get you there - the law of reverse effort means the harder you try to do something to achieve it, the less likely you'll get the result you want. Do or do not do - there is no try. Stop forcing the answers - let go and let everything come to you. Just relax and feel the joy of your answered wishes!

Stop running from yourself too! As author Steven Pressfield says 'the amateur fears solitude and silence because she/he needs to avoid, at all costs, the voice inside their head that would point them towards their calling and destiny - so they seek resistance through distraction.' Through food, alcohol, relationships, any addictions to avoid seeing their true authentic selves.

Ask youself, what would I attempt if I could not fail? Then go out and do it! You have a choice. The Universe likes action and rewards it - that's when amazing synchronicities happen and amazing outcomes... Money is more about faith than scarcity - so keep the faith.

Words are free but they carry tremendous power so use them wisely. The vibration of your words can help take you to where you want to be - so choose positive and life enhancing words and keep repeating them to open up the channels to success! Our words become our physical desire - so say/write what you want not what you don't want because your words will create your reality. Invite solutions with your words. If you don't want it - don't say it! Your current reality is subject to change if you use the right words.

A great way to release resistance is tithing - giving away 10% of what you earn to charity in a spirit of gratitude not should. Show gratitude to what you do have and what you don't have yet! Tithing means a tenth or ten percent - it's a tradition thousands of years old and is another concept for prosperity by giving back to people or organizations that have supported us spiritually. The concept is about keeping a circular flow of giving and receiving. The amount is not important - the intention is. It is a signal to the Universe that you are abundant enough to share what you have - so think about where you'd like to share your wealth.

The butterfly on my website is a symbol of the transformative process. Butterflies transform inside a chrysalis. Keep the faith and watch what happens. The universe will send you financial problems when you lose faith.

And remember, there is enough for everyone. Not only is there enough money - there is enough joy, love and peace too!

And so it is.


'Every relationship that we have in our lives - our contact with each person, place and event - serves a very special, if yet to be realized purpose. They are mirrors that can serve to show us things about ourselves that can be realized in no other way.' - Guy Finley

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