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The Vibration Of Your Thoughts Create Your Life

Photo by Jane Fuller

'If you know what you want - if you can state it, the universe will move in your direction." - Goethe

There is an invisible energy force around every one of us and it's full of infinite possibilities - you just have to believe it is there, tap into it and make your life work for you by consciously creating what you want. This belief is empowering because it puts you in control of your own life so you won't be buffeted about by life circumstances. What you believe will come true for you because that is the vibrational energy you give out and attract. So make sure you give out positive energy and then expect the best. When you harness the power of a positive perspective in your own life, you get to make every day a great one!

I believe your everyday approach to life can move you to a higher level of consciousness. You can do this through visualisation, affirmations, finding stillness and peace with meditation and spiritual study; with gratitude and forgiveness and letting go of unexamined perceptions because what you do on a daily basis creates your life and your future. I find also being with people I love; exercising in nature and the arts in whatever form brings me great joy and enriches my day and nourishes my soul which helps me maintain a positive perspective.

Paul McKenna believes that you can choose to actively reprogram your mind with a positive perspective - like an owner's manual for your brain. He believes that the next great stage in human development will be a move out of the information age (please read my blog: 'Meaning is the new money') and into a new time where people will begin to develop their inner resources. He calls this time 'the age of psycho-technology - a time when we will begin to unleash the amazing powers and inner abilities that we are all born with but get covered over as we go through life'. That's why children get it. As I also mentioned in a previous blog - 'Do you like what you do each day?' - I believe the new celebrities are the one's who will inspire, who know how to link the inner world with the outer world and who will make our lives richer in the deepest sense of the word.

You create your own reality by the vibrational thoughts you think and the vibrational words you speak, so make sure you consciously create what you want! You have to be clear about what you want (see Jim Carey - Oprah Winfrey show on visualisation) and then be pro-active by working towards your goals.

What you think about you bring about. In the process believe that it has already happened - so you are living your dream. I have thought like this naturally most of my life so I can tell you it works! However whenever I get stuck and I need a spiritual solution I always turn to this message in Lesson 79 of A Course in Miracles, 'Let me recognise the problem so it can be solved.' You will be heard and you will be answered...

And so it is.


'All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson