09/07/2015 09:22 BST | Updated 08/07/2016 06:59 BST

Beth Ford Continues to Dream the Impossible Dream

Beth Ford's Impossible Dream was once to sing on the same stage as her biggest musical inspiration, Alfie Boe. Singing from an early age, 14 year old Beth's favourite music lies in the classical and musical genres and since she first heard Boe singing at the 25th anniversary Les Mis concert, she wanted to sing on stage with him. Out of the blue, this dream came true in January 2012 when her family surprised her with VIP tickets to Boe's Bring Him Home tour. Beth was even more surprised when Boe invited her and another young singer, Flo Bannigan, to sing The Impossible Dream with him at the concert sound check; they were so good that they ended up singing during the evening performance too!

Beth and Flo really enjoyed singing together and kept in touch although they haven't performed together since...until recently, that is. Warwickshire Pride was the venue this time around, the song was the same and they had the stage to themselves. Here is the video showing a very mature vocal performance from both girls:

This reunion came at a very busy time for Beth - not only is she releasing her first single on 13 July but she is also joining People's Soprano Rebecca Newman for her 'one night only' concert at the Lichfield Garrick on 16 July (click here for tickets). Beth will be performing her new single, If I Could Escape, at the concert but if you can't wait that long, then click here to find out how to download it (and three free songs) on release day.

Beth has already had a no.1 song, I'm Always Chasing Rainbows which showed the pure, natural tones of her voice and the new single shows sign of being the 'feel good' song of this summer. The floating, dreamy song talks of escaping to a place where everything is perfect. If you have ever wanted to do just that, then you could do a lot worse than escape with Beth Ford.

If I Could Escape by Beth Ford is released on 13 July.

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