18/10/2013 11:27 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Ukip - The Left or Right Conundrum? It's About What's Right, Not Whether It's Left or Right

Left or right? Ten per cent of people in a recent poll thought that Nigel Farage was left wing.

Let's take a look at some of Ukip's policies and perhaps those polled and the media commentariat might re-consider their stereotypical view of us.

Is it left wing to:

• Oppose the bedroom tax

• Believe in a low flat tax to increase entrepreneurism, attract inward investment, to take the minimum waged out of tax altogether, to put money into people's pockets so that they can spend it, rather than the government

• Leave the EU to negotiate our own bi-lateral trade deals and increase trade with Latin America, China, India and the Commonwealth

• Believe that grammar schools give working class children the chance of a decent education, where they are not consigned to sink estates attached to sink schools. Their parents cannot afford to move them to a decent area and thus decent schools

• Oppose green taxes which condemn our elderly to dying in fuel poverty in the winter

• Be open-minded about fracking and the benefits it could bring in terms of reduced energy prices and job creation

• Have elected NHS regional boards so that local people can decide their health priorities - whether a trans-gender operation is more valid than IVF, as is practised in Kent

• Take back control of our borders so we can invite the brightest and best from around the world to work here, regardless of race, gender or country of origin

• Oppose prisoners' voting 'rights'

• Support a British Bill of Rights rather than be overruled by ECHR. Why are our ancient laws which work very effectively, enshrined in UK law by UK elected politicians, so repugnant to our European partners

• Scrap the Common Fisheries policy, re-draw exclusive fishing rights, stop the quotas system, stop the disgraceful dumping of dead fish and reinvigorate our fishing fleets

• Oppose mandatory gender quotas, which demeans and undermines women in the workplace

It's not about left or right for Ukip, thirty per cent of our votes come from Old Labour, and maybe that's why the LibLabCon and their supporters are so frightened of us...