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Labour Rebels Are Looking Backwards! Only Corbyn Can Save the Party's Future

While the Tory party has expectedly gone into a civil war with Brexits now demanding the throne, Labour's internal war is going in the opposite direction exposing how much out of touch Labour MPs have been in the last decade.

While the Tory party has expectedly gone into a civil war with Brexits now demanding the throne, Labour's internal war is going in the opposite direction exposing how much out of touch Labour MPs have been in the last decade.

It makes sense that the pro Leave Tories want to purge the Tory leadership of the Remainers. They have victory and want to take the country to the next stage. But in Labour, it is the Remainers who want to take over, accusing Corbyn of betrayal, running a weak campaign and questioning his leadership skills.

The majority of the country has just voted to come out of Europe. Many of those who put a cross against leave were traditional Labour voters. If labour now choses a leadership that supported Remain, surely, surely, it will be rejected by its traditional electorate. Those voters will feel they are even less understood by the luvvies than before.

Of all the leaders, Corbyn best understood the reasons behind mass rejection of Europe. Corbyn, historically anti EU, has been a reluctant supporter of Europe in this campaign.

On the door step, he nuanced his campaign. He said Europe was not perfect and that further negotiations were needed on issues such as workers rights, protecting minimum pay, national sovereignties, protection against capitalism and Big Banks. He said stronger policies were needed to protect the climate. He belatedly also mentioned immigration as a problem he encountered repeatedly on the door step.

In April he went as far as to say ' "That's the decision that's been reached. Does it mean I recant on everything I've ever said or done? No," he said, adding: "That is the position that has been adopted by the party; that's the party I lead."

To any seasoned politician, it was obvious that Corbyn did not have his heart in Remain and was in fact agreeing with the reasons for Leave but saying that as his party overwhelmingly supports 'Remain', so he has to support 'Remain' as leader. Traditional Labour voters knew that he had little choice in his leadership role. Had he not been leader, Corbyn would definitely have campaigned for 'Leave' but on different grounds than the Boris-Farage camp.

Which is why Corbyn is the best man to lead Labour in the complex and difficult times that Britain finds itself in. Britain's politics will increasingly polarise between extreme Right and extreme Left. There is no room in either party for Remain campaigners to lead. He played his role deftly and will be the most trusted leader in the coming months.

In the coming months and year, it will be all about trust. Currently the majority supported 'Leave' but do not necessarily support Boris, Gove or other Tory potential leaders. The Brexitors have already started going back on their promises even before they take power. The claim that £150 million a week would go to NHS if UK left EU, has now been denied. 'Sorry that was a mistake', Farage has said. Others are saying, they meant a large proportion of the savings, if there are any! Who will trust them!

Labour supporters know that Boris, who pushed out social housing from London, will weaken workers' rights and cut welfare. Minimum wage protection will be history and big Corporations will be given free reign. Gove will probably go even further.

What traditional Labour voters want is a party that understands them and their concerns. They were pushed out of jobs and their hamlets by the large immigration from Europe. Unlike previous immigrant waves, the new immigration invaded the shires, the small towns and the countryside where the English had retreated to. No one gave them protection against Europe. Jobs, security and housing, rather than sovereign right to make economic decisions in favour of big Corporations, is their need.

The MPs seeking to chase Corbyn out of office are mostly from the New Labour creed. They understood Middle Class Britain but not the working classes. They were out of sync in the later years of Labour Government, even more so under Miliband and now seem to be living in a planet of their own. Their training and grooming has been to woo Middle Class Britain while taking the working classes for granted. They were proven wrong in the last election.

They are wrong to assume that the middle classes who dislike Boris and Gove will flock to them. They are living in history. They are from the New Labour spin world which treated voters as stupid. They really think that if Labour had gone whole heartedly for 'Remain' they would have persuaded traditional Labour voters to 'save the country'. This is precisely the patronising, talk down attitude that lost Labour the last election. Yet they don't learn. If anyone of them becomes leader, the party is doomed.

They still don't listen to the voters. they address the media rather than the voters.They still think that the mass of traditional Labour voters want to be lectured by their 'wisdom' How wrong they were in the last election and how wrong they are now.

The game is over. Britain has voted to come out of Europe. There is no going back. You cannot have Remainers now leading the party when many of its traditional supporters are 'Leavers!' The one person who understood voters and can revive Labour as an effective opposition, with a chance to win the next election, is no less than Jeremy Corbyn. He more than anyone can unite this country, save it from the new racism and make sense of people's sovereignty.