16/09/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 16/11/2014 05:59 GMT

Join Us in Celebrating Childrens' Achievements

At Barnardo's we exist to help the most vulnerable children in our society. Young people, who through no fault of their own, have endured unimaginable hardships. These children lack the simple love and support you give your own children, or what you experienced growing up.

Last week we launched our 'Support the Unsupported' campaign to raise awareness and gather support for the most vulnerable children who don't get the emotional support they need from a loving family. We want to get people talking about their plight and the work Barnardo's does to support them.

In homes up and down the UK the fridge is where artwork and certificates are proudly displayed for all to see. Where the achievements of young family members are celebrated and appreciated. It is no exception in my house with pictures and schoolwork covering the door of our fridge.

Sadly the children that Barnardo's supports feel they have nobody to turn to for support, let alone celebrate their achievements.

This is why we have launched 'The Nation's Fridge Door' so people can show support for the young people Barnardo's helps.


We are asking the British public to share images of their children's successes and upload them to 'The Nation's Fridge Door.' This could be a picture of a trophy or a work of art, like your child's first drawing, their first day at school, a cake they've baked or their latest modelling clay masterpiece.

Every child deserves to have someone to love and support them and to congratulate them for each of their early successes. We believe that celebrating achievement has a huge effect on children's development.

Our campaign is being supported by Psychologist Donna Dawson who agrees that celebrating children's achievements is vital to their wellbeing. She has said "Praising children lets them know that their efforts have been noted and appreciated, and acts as a reward in itself. Praise also nurtures their developing store of self-confidence which, in turn, makes them unafraid to try harder. All children need and want love and appreciation in order to grow into loving and caring adults themselves, and praise for a thing well done is one of the best ways to achieve this."

The Nation's Fridge Door is a celebration of children's achievements; a chance to show off and share the accolades of your son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece or nephew.

Everything you share will help Barnardo's raise awareness for the children who desperately need our support and will also be admired by the Nation online, and may even appear in our stores around the UK.

Hundreds have already uploaded their child's achievement to including myself. Join us and upload an image of your child's achievement to the 'Nation's Fridge Door' and show your support for the unsupported.


A picture by my daughter entitled: The Running Man