14/06/2013 08:01 BST | Updated 12/08/2013 06:12 BST

Web Oddities

After a particularly poor session on youTube watching interviews with The guy who interviews people who interview people, or more likely a compilation video of people falling over, you'd be forgiven for thinking you have finished the Internet.

You've seen enough kittens, watched enough wedding fails, & even watched kittens wedding fails, but let me show you a few more thinks you might enjoy. A number of excellent podcasts, videos, and free oddities that will distract you from the niggling sensation that society is unsustainable, money is an illusion, and death is coming.

1. Full Tilt: A Amateur Pinball documentary

Whilst crawling the halls of YouTube which later in court I discovered was 'trespassing' I found (stole) this video. I was actually looking for the pinball documentary Tilt trailer but discovered instead a short low budget video diary of a man called Mitch entering a pinball tournament. "Big whoop" I hear you cry well to you I say: "stop crying and enjoy" because this might be a diary but its maker is one funny, slightly odd, pinball sorcerer. He plays pinball, lets us into his machine harem, and shows us one cool private pinball layer. At 500 views this is one overlooked gem of YouTube. Lets play ball (watch a pinball documentary).

2. Corridor Digital

When you think of YouTube you may be forgiven for thinking of videos of people annoying their cats but Corridor Digital is something new. One of the shinning lights of high production CGI magic on the internet. CD offer a library of great Videos. Sync is a YouTube series combined here into one 1hour and 40 minute feature. Revolving around one badass killer who has the ability to sync between different bodies Sync borrows from game tropes to deliver a fresh and more brutal take on the action genere like Night Rider with more death and less sexual tension between man and automobile.

3. Carnival of Fun

One of the best things about the Internet is rather then observing stars acting emotions we can observe real life friends interact and imagine what it must be like to not be alone crouched in the garden. In Carnival of Fun two real life friends do some very silly things for their own and our amusement. A lovely way to waste a few minutes between refreshing your emails. In this episode the chaps eat buns.

4. Holland & Cowle

Is a improvised podcast not revolving around what its stars had for lunch but more about wizards, modern day mermaids, and some very silly premises. Yes I am in this, but we have recently been recommended by comedy expert reviewers Chortle. Give us a try the next time your crouching in the garden weeping.

Listen on iTunes here:

5. The Tattooed Book

It could be argued, as all things can (although some with less degrees of success), that the internet is the enemy of the good old book. Who wants to turn a page and see more words when we can watch snaps shots of the whole world sneezing and think 'you know we're all the same really... Kleenex must be making a fortune"? The Tattooed Book however is a online blog reviewing, in a positive manor, the best books emerging on our shelves and digital devices. Not sure what to read outside of the 100 Sci-Fi classics and latest Where's Wally books? Have a look here and get a taste of whats on offer. Also being a independent blog you get a personal sense for the books reviewed rather then the more impartial and spoilerific summary of accounts offered by more commercial reviewers. Scared to read a book? Start of by reading about them. I mean you've already started reading about where you can read about books so it's too late now anyway.

So thats it five more undiscovered gems for you to idle away the minutes. If you have something you'd like featured in the next Web Oddities tweet me at @JayCowle. I'll check all your messages, once i've come in from the garden.