13/01/2016 11:56 GMT | Updated 13/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Ten Times You Hate Being Gluten Free

Living gluten free can be difficult. Although there's more gluten free food available and awareness is higher than ever, we still have those FML moments when we curse gluten to all eternity. Here's ten times when being gluten free makes life that little bit more stressful...

1. When you realise you've forgotten your lunch and can't just nip to the shop to buy a sandwich. Tracking something to eat is a mastermind operation involving google searches and twitter shoutouts. Although it's getting much easier to eat out at restaurants with gluten-free, grabbing things on the go when you're in hurry is practically impossible.

2. When you go abroad and quickly realise nobody understands the translation card you spent hours laminating. But don't worry, they promise it will be delicious.

3. When someone brings you something that's wheat free and you have to explain super-politely that's not actually the same thing.Why are these conversations so awkward? (and why doesn't packaging make this clearer)

4. When you order a gluten-free meal on an aeroplane. Yes it's exciting that that you get your food before all the other passengers, but I guarantee you'll eat nothing but fish and rice regardless of the time of day. Don't even get me started on desert (see point 5!)

5. When the waiter proudly offers you gluten and dairy fruit for desert. No thank you! That's not a thing (and nor is sorbet, I am not paying £4.50 for a frozen mango either)

6. When you put on a stone in weight because you get excited at all the new gluten free stuff in the supermarket (and forget you are basically just eating sugar)

7. When something gluten free is reduced and you have to buy it. 'What a bargain! Only £1.50 a loaf!' you declare, while shovelling ten into your basket; forgetting that even fancy crusty bread never cost that much before.

8. When supermarkets try to charge you double the price for a gluten free label. Look at this special gluten free rice! Made with no gluten whatsoever, unlike real rice which is made of... Hang on a minute!

9. When you always know the menu before going to a restaurant because you've looked it up online. And then you spend fifteen minutes watching everyone else decide knowing full well you'll have the salmon (because you've checked and that's all you can have).

10. When people say stupid things and you have to calmly explain it for the hundredth time otherwise people think you are being a diva. One of my favourite bloggers (and fellow Huff Post writer) Fit and Gluten Free wrote a great post about the 8 things no gluten-free person wants to hear , which sums this up exactly.

I'd love to hear your 'FML' gluten free moments below!

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