27/06/2016 07:06 BST | Updated 27/06/2017 06:12 BST

A Letter to UK Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear David Cameron,

This is what you did. This is what you did for asking a question that should never have been asked. You gave racists, xenophobes and bigots a government-sponsored justification to make us 'go back'. Did you ever think this would be any different? Can you hear the chants in Great Portland Street saying 'make Britain white again' all the way from your high horse?

On the day the results came out I cried for two hours. I knew this was the end of the Great Britain I thought I knew. 52% of this union wanted me and my friends gone. What have we done to you? We paid taxes, we paid national insurance, we put money in pensions schemes, we volunteered, we gave to charity. We invested in our future in the UK, believing it was investing in us too.

Did it ever occur to you that we just might be making this country and union a bit better? Do you realise what you have left once we are gone, non-EU immigrants are gone, and you are left with the pieces of what Great Britain once was?

You're not an Empire. You're not a coloniser. Grow up and move into the 21st century! You have destroyed what I thought was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen: togetherness.

I am now afraid to say I'm an immigrant because the majority has indeed spoken and I can officially say I am not welcome here. Look at the rise of xenophobia and nationalist sentiment already sweeping across the nation. I'm afraid. Not for myself but for my friends who cannot 'pass' for British, even if they ARE British. I'm afraid for those of us who cannot fake their way out of bullying or a beating for not looking like the stereotypical white British. This is where we are. Hoping not to be recognised as immigrants. I now fear that my nationality is a hindrance, not a reason to be proud.

You were under pressure, I know, but you NEVER should have asked the question. And now I don't know if I'll be able to stay here. Even in strong Remain London the xenophobic voices are getting louder and I don't want to live somewhere I'm not wanted and where I'm afraid to be a big part of my own identity. It was your job to make it a safer country, you just sent all your immigrants to the guillotine.