21/12/2016 06:19 GMT | Updated 22/12/2017 05:12 GMT

How To Get Through The Festive Period Positively!

So, Christmas is here, again. It may not feel like the time of season to be jolly, especially after many of the events throughout 2016, perhaps you want to just get it out of the way, however, do not give up all hope!

Yes, there has been a lot of crappy events this year, and perhaps it's made you lose faith in just about anything and everything, but don't give up on your happiness, hopes and dreams. There are always things going on outside of our personal lives, which we have little or no control over, and trying to gain some sort of control over things we have zero control over, can quite frankly drive us barking mad!! Give yourself a break and some slack.

Ok, so things haven't gone as perhaps you would like, but right now in this moment in time, wasting your energy on what didn't work out is of no use at all. This could be world events, your own life events including romance relationships not working out, family events, the list goes on. Trying to change something we have no power over is really just going to drain the absolute life force out of you. How about looking back at what has happened which was positive this year? I promise you there will be something.

Whatever we give our attention to, and therefore focus on, it grows. If you are dwelling in misery and fear, you'll be consumed in it. Start looking for the one thing which makes you smile. Even if it is just the thought of welcoming in 2017, and a new much needed fresh start.

I would recommend leaving all of the mind clutter in the bin as you say goodbye to 2016, and this includes your own negativity! Drop the negative chat and drama. Promise yourself you will focus ONLY on positive stuff from now on - even if it's just a day! It will make a huge difference.

One of the BEST ways to get out of a negative rut is to serve someone else. Take the attention off of you and put it in to someone else. There are many who would absolutely love your support and care right now. What can you contribute within your own community, or perhaps further afield, which will make someone else's life that little bit better? At this time of year, for example, our elderly are often alone, sad and afraid. Imagine what smiles you can bring to someones face by showing that you care, even just by listening to them. Random acts of kindness are beautiful any time of the year, but perhaps if you feel you are being a bit of a grinch, turn it around and be a beautiful example of a random act of kindness instead. It could be something little such as buying the person in front of you a coffee, or helping an elderly neighbour, or perhaps by listening to someone who you can help make a difference to. You have so many gifts you can share (I'm not just talking about physical ones here, I mean as in gifts within you), and many will love to receive this.

Go brighten someone's day today, it starts with you, and it could start with just a smile! you never know what can open up for you once you decide to be that change. It will have a positive affect and that will spread on and on, and before you know it, you may save Christmas! haha! just kidding, but you will be amazed at how much positive vibes spread, and it's much needed in our world right now!

Happy Christmas!