21/12/2015 10:32 GMT | Updated 21/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Five Reasons Businesses Can No Longer Ignore Blogging

When it comes to running a business, either large or small, finding methods to stay ahead of the competition is no easy task. However, there's one big marketing technique that far too many businesses ignore and that's blogging.

Just by reading this piece, you already know exactly what a blog is. However, blogs aren't just reserved for individuals; they can also be used by businesses to communicate with their customers and potential customers. However, despite it being incredibly easy to start a blog, you'd be surprised by how many businesses simply ignore blogging.

Here's 5 reasons why serious businesses can no longer ignore blogging.

1) Blog readers can easily become customers

If your business' blog is posting unique and engaging content, it's pretty quickly going to gain traction, much quicker than a standard corporate website would do. If your readers enjoy the content that your blog is sharing, there's a good chance that they're going to look further into the products and services that your business provides. In this sense, blog readers can very easily become customers.

The best way you can make sure that your blog readers become customers is by linking to your products and services wherever possible.

2) Blogging gives authority to your brand

If you're selling a product or service through your brand, it's important that customers appreciate and respect that brand. Blogging is unsurprisingly a great way to do this. If your blog is regularly posting authoritative and informative content, you'll find that customers quickly start to respect what your brand does.

When a reader receives a particularly useful piece of information posted on your blog, there's a good chance that they'll return to read more on your blog. This continued reading builds trust with the reader and gives your brand authority.

3) A blog builds a community around your business

When a customer simply completes a transaction with your business, it can be a pretty sterile and unengaged experience. However, you can quickly change this by building a community around your business. By starting a blog, you can do that.

It's incredibly easy to turn your business' blog into a community. If you enable comments on each post for your blog, you'll find that customers are able to interact back. In turn, this will create interaction between customers and form a community. There's a good chance that customers will return to buy from your business if they feel to be part of a community.

4) Blogging puts a name behind your business

When customers usually interact with a business, it often feels like they're doing just that, interacting with a business. However, that creates for a pretty disengaged and bland experience for your customer. It can often help to put a name behind your business and that's especially the case with small businesses.

When you post an update to your business blog, you'll notice that the post is tagged with the name of the user who posted it. You'll find that your readers and customers pay attention to this and start to learn the names of your team members.

5) Blogging allows you to control how your business is perceived

As your business begins to grow, you'll notice that your name will often be mentioned in the media, whether that be local or national. The media is a tricky bag, because this could result in either good or bad publicity. However, blogging allows you to own that publicity and in turn control how your business is perceived.

Making your business' big announcements via your blog allows you to get the first word in on these announcements and generate a good perception of your brand. It goes without saying that the more control you have over your brand perception, the better.

In conclusion, a business blog isn't a sure fire way to accomplish any of the above. However, when executed correctly, a blog can be an incredibly effective marketing strategy and one that you'll find many business owners swear by.