17/06/2016 06:51 BST | Updated 17/06/2017 06:12 BST

Dear Dad

Hey dads -

I know you spend a lot of time wondering how to be a good dad. Sometimes you phone me up and ask for help. The thing is, it's so often the little free things that kids love and remember. That's why on this Father's Day I wanted to share this letter from a grown up daughter to her dad. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you for everything you do for your kids, however small, it counts.

A Father's Day letter from a grown up daughter.

Dear Dad,

I remember feeling so excited when you would pick me up and put me on your shoulders. It was the best feeling in the world. With your hands on my ankles, I would try and hold on to your hair or your ears or your chin, or sometimes you would be reaching up and holding my hands. For some reason I remember us doing this whilst dancing - classic dad dancing with your knees bent and swaying.

I remember the sound of the tea in your throat as you swallowed it, and you said you remember that of Grandpa too. I remember wanting to be able to make tea for you, and wanting to learn to like tea so I could drink it with my daddy.

I remember when we tried to go sailing once on a 'Dad and Daughter Day' but there was no wind, so we played crazy golf on the beach and got caught in a torrential storm and had to crawl underneath the crazy golf statues. Then we got fish and chips from Harry Ramsden's and just chatted.

I remember hearing you open the door and running down the hallway to greet you squealing "Daaadddddyyy", and wanting to be the first one to say hello.

I remember doing spellings in the car, I can vividly picture you pulling out the list and my heart sinking as it was spelling time, but also enjoying the attention and the moment with you. I remember giggling at funny made up songs about my teachers. I remember the thrill of getting to ride in the front when my big sister was sick off school (I loved those days).

I remember the time you told me you didn't like some high-heeled shoes I had bought when I was far too young to wear them. At the time I was indignant, now I am full of respect and grateful for your honesty. I looked ridiculous!

I remember when you started working at home on Fridays, and how good it felt to see you when I got home from school.

I remember you teaching me how to ride a bike, how to ski, how to sail, how to light a fire, and how drain the coffee dregs properly and wash out the coffee pot. I remember you teaching me how to draw, and how to change an inner tube and how to drive and how to swim and how to take a phone call (always stand up).

You have taught me how to think and how to listen. How to process my feelings, and the feelings of others. You have taught me to use my words carefully, and "right or wrong, make it strong" (my favourite saying).

I remember waking up this morning and being sad that I can't give my dear old dad a kiss this Father's Day, because you have brought me up to leave home and explore the world.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. All of my love, as always.

Your middle daughter x x x x