09/06/2015 06:47 BST | Updated 05/05/2017 14:53 BST

Camping With a Toddler: Heaven or Hell?

The point of camping is really to do everything you do at home yet far less conveniently and smelling pretty funky.

I was kind of hoping to discover I was a nature loving, rugged, female Bear Grylls. Instead I found out I like to feel clean, sleep in a bed and have a toddler proofed room and showers without other peoples hair in them.

When you camp with a toddler, like we did recently, it can go from heaven to hell in minutes.

Here's the reality about camping with a toddler.

1. For starters it's not a holiday. It's an endurance test

2. Your baby will have a poo-nami at least once. Pack extra clothes.

3. You will find mud in paces you didn't believe possible.

4. The sunset will be amazing... but with your toddlers cries to serenade you because the tent lets all the light in.

5. It will take three nights for your baby learn to sleep in a tent...then you go home and it takes three nights for them to settle ther

6. You'll be tired...So tired

7. You'll find out you can walk/cycle further than you thought possible ie more than 100 yards.

8. Your child won't look clean at any point.

9. You won't have sex the whole weekend...or the two weeks after while you get over blisters, achy muscles and that camping smell.

10. When your toddler climbs into your sleeping bag, they will only sleep in a position which provides maximum warmth for them, maximum chill factor to you.

11. The morning sun with no curtains is bright as f*ck. Your toddler will not sleep in, ever, even after yesterday's hike, not going to bed until sunset and keeping you up all night.

12. Your child will slide around in the communal shower so fast you can't catch them, as they try to put the new toy they found (pile of old hair) in their mouths.

13. There is no way out of that hike one you've started. Seriously no taxis, no signal, nothing!

14. If you think being on childcare duty in the car, while the others put the tent down, is the easy option, think again. You will slowly go insane with yet another round of wheels on the bus. I decided to teach the toddlers how to beep the horn just for my entertainment (to frowns from passer bys and the kids parents. Oops!)

15. Just as your baby stops crying next door starts... because there are no walls!

It's Ike baby dominoes

It wasn't all bad though. There were things I did like:

1. Hot chocolate with marshmallows in I love camping cups (melted my Instagram heart).

2. Waking up with my non-sleeping toddler snuggled in.

3. Realizing I can ride seven miles

4. The sunset

5. The company

6. Switching off the mobile

7. Making family memories

8. Making our little video of the trip for the virtual family album

Have you tried it with a toddler?

Would you do it again?

Any tips?

This article first appeared on The Giggles Family