17/05/2017 09:25 BST | Updated 17/05/2017 09:25 BST

Handicrafts And The Path To A Stress-Free Lifestyle

How many hours a day do we spend sitting in front our desk, managing numbers up and down to cover all the expenses that range from children's tuition fees, taxes, house expenses, that car repair bill that came over last week, just to realise your life is nothing more than a succession of events without a clear outcome. Instead, why not put all those frustration feelings towards something much more efficient like producing with your own hands?


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There's a reason why our grandparents have outlived the expectancies science used to predict a couple of decades ago, and putting medicine advancements aside, their most valuable lesson to our generation is the value of doing things to put stress out of our mind, even if it's just for brief moments, as a way to keep our mental health intact.

Indeed, nobody died out of stress back at the 60s, or even the 80s, therefore, is there a reason to do it now?

1. The Power of Woodworking

Despite looking (and being) a dangerous craft to perform, woodworking is one of the most beautiful activities to consider engaging in, not to mention the amount of patience and focus it requires not just to create beautiful works of art but also to prevent accidents.


Photo courtesy of Clem Onojeghuo

It all starts with sanding, and from that very moment you realise it isn't just something you need to do to complete a task, then you can move on to more engaging projects.

2. Like Grandma Said, Everybody Should Know How to Knit a Scarf

Knitting is one of the most ancient hobbies acknowledged to date, and yet when people don't just seek to see a flock of sheep walking naked through the meadows, but because it's a cosy activity to practice wherever we happen to be staying at (especially during cold winters).


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You can start by finding inspiration on sites like Pinterest and YouTube, then, buy magazines/books or simply sign up for a knitting course - you won't regret your choice!

3. Sew Your Way Out of Stress!

Like knitting, sewing is also considered one of the essential handicrafts to learn, especially for women. And yet when people thought this craft only to be limited to the fashion industry, young women are taking a comeback to the old ways of producing clothing due to the "carbon paper mood" style seems to have these days, where people go dressed the same and uniqueness seems to be forgotten.


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Seek inspiration from the best bloggers on the subject, or take your time to watch some TV shows at most popular TV networks - it's an art for a lifetime!

4. Those Arts That Never Go Out of Fashion: Scrapbooking

Capable of being traced back to the 15th century, scrapbooking is one of the cutest ways to preserve your memories while reducing stress in the process. Old fashioned scrapbooking involved albums with many blank pages, handwritten details, postcards and, if we were lucky, photographs; however, despite trends not changing that much, scrapbooking has seen an authentic revolution by including the vast range of tools for producing digital medium known to date:

• Printing

• Crafting paper

• Variated scissor designs

• Fast drying adhesives

• Markers and pens

People passionate on scrapbooking not only spend over 5-7 hours a week pursuing their hobby but also tell how many times putting their mind to craft these beautiful details was their escape valve from the troubles real life showcased each day.

Wrapping Up

Hobbies aren't simple ways of wasting time when you should be doing other tasks for your work. Successful people acknowledge the importance of giving yourself enough time to enjoy the things you love to do, as it's the first step towards personal fulfilment.

From now on, instead of just losing countless hours in browsing social media or streaming series, put your focus to work so you can finish faster the tasks you need to do and engage your free time under such relaxing activities.