26/02/2014 12:34 GMT | Updated 28/04/2014 06:59 BST

Will Jose Mourinho's Mouth Be the Undoing of Chelsea's Title Hopes?

Jose Mourinho is one of them guys - you either hate him or you love him. I am definitely in the opposing party.

His character is one that really drives me mad. When I learnt that he was set for a return to Stamford Bridge, in all honesty, it didn't surprise me.

I guess having him back creates that bit of flare and excitement which perhaps has been missing from the Premier League in recent years. Mourinho is a very intelligent man but I predict that will become is undoing in the not too distant future.

The Chelsea man's recent "war of words" with Wenger has made him a bit of a laughing stock. He branded the Arsenal manager as a "failure".

Mourinho has had a fantastic career so far, there is no doubt in that. If you look at all of the clubs he's managed, Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, he's always had a lot of money to play with. But when the going gets tough, he throws his toys out of the pram.

I would like to see Mourinho manage a team in a league as competitive as the Premier League with the same budget as Arsene's whilst all of his competitors spend big.

To describe Mourinho as a "brown noser" would be an understatement. The way he has sucked up to Manchester United has made him look very weak. Can you imagine the despair he felt when he learnt Fergie was retiring and David Moyes was taking over?

More recently, he sold Juan Mata to Manchester United. This is a decision which I'm still struggling to get my head around. And now poor Mata is suffering in a mid-table position. One has to ask, is Jose setting himself up for the Utd job once Moyes's is sacked?

Having spoken to many Chelsea fans after the deal, not one of them agreed with Jose's decision. Mata has been head and shoulders above any other Chelsea player in recent years.

Last week I turned on ITV hoping to see the Manuel Pellegrini and Gerardo Martino interviews before the game kicked off. To my disbelief, there was Jose Mourinho giving a full blown analysis of the Barcelona side. He described the Spanish giants as the worst Barcelona team he had seen.

Football should be fierce and competitive and Jose seems to have the right idea. However, he is going about it in totally the wrong way. He looks desperate, unhappy and unsettled.

Mourinho knows his Chelsea side can't go on scraping through 1-0 victories for much longer. His deliberate tactic to unsettle the opposition simply won't work; Pellegrini, Wenger and Rodgers are too mature and sophisticated to fall foul of his childish games.

I am not usually one to praise Sir Alex Ferguson but he was the master of the mind-games, just cast your mind back to the Rafa Benitez interview -"you want to talk about facts". Mourinho is out of his depth trying to compete with Fergie and I really think his mouth is going to land both him and his team in trouble very soon.