02/06/2014 08:40 BST | Updated 29/07/2014 06:59 BST

Ukip: Racism, Spitefulness and the Rotten Apple Tree


Nigel Farage often says that there are only a "few bad apples" in his party. It's more than a few bad apples though isn't it? It appears that the entire UKIP tree is putrescent and only grows rotten apples.

UKIP members right now will be celebrating their "success" in the recent European and local elections. The success that left them again with no overall-control of any councils and not to mention they still don't have any MPs.

However, this can change in a few weeks time when UKIP candidate, Roger Helmer, battles it out in the Newark by-election. Chances of this happening are remote, but let's take a very brief look at what this Mr Helmer chap is all about:

"In 2011, before he left the Conservatives for UKIP, he had detailed a hypothetical "date rape" scenario before concluding that "the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility, if only for establishing reasonable expectations in her boyfriend's mind". (BBC, May 2014).

"Helmer also questioned the concept of homophobia, and compared allowing equal marriage to legalising incest." (Guardian, May 2014).

More recently at a debate hosted by the University of Lincoln, where I am a student and was an audience member, Mr Helmer described Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania as "bandit states".

So how can a man who holds such views be allowed to represent a political party who insists it is not racist, anti-immigration, etc?

Surely Nigel Farage would disapprove of Mr Helmer's comments, so you would think. I'm sure many people remember the UKIP leaders' infamous radio interview with LBC. When asked what the difference between living next door to a group of Germans and Romanians is, Mr Farage replied with "You know what the difference is".

I'm sorry Nigel, but I don't know what the difference is. Does he share Mr Helmer's view on this? Are Romanians more likely to be a threat than Germans? Not to mention Nigel Farage puts his comments down to "tiredness". Who could have guessed, tiredness leads to spitefulness!

We can debate all we like about the definition of racism etc., but it is evident that UKIP scaremonger and put fear in people's hearts. We saw this type of propaganda used in the early 20th century and it is frightening.

A leader sets the agenda for his group/party. When Nigel puts these views across, his party follows him or he follows his party (you decide). I simply don't buy the argument that there are only a few rotten apples. The type of candidates and members UKIP attracts are very unpleasant towards certain communities.

UKIP MEPs hardly turn up to the European Parliament and make no real contribution to proceedings. (Hence the picture at the top) However, they still enjoy the small fortune they are paid by you, the taxpayer.

Just five days being voted in as a UKIP councillor for Redditch, Dave Small has been sacked for "referring to gay people as ''perverts'' and expressed opposition to ''poofs and dykes'' being allowed to marry."

It just goes to show that the type of people UKIP attracts.

As for the results of the recent elections, I don't believe that this was a "protest vote" for UKIP. I think they have exploited propaganda tools and put fear in people.

I also believe that we live in a sophisticated society and the majority of the electorate does not believe or share the views of UKIP. It is very unfortunate that many of these people chose not to vote.