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Emerging Icons Hanna Willow, She Crazy, Patch & The Giant and Blast Unit Moscow

We have a handful of fantastic up-and-coming acts for you to become acquainted with because they are just too good to be missing out on. For one reason or another, each and every one of this wonderful lot have really got us going at Emerging Icons HQ... so give em a listen.

As we join you in this sizzling heat, we assume that you are currently either melting away or perhaps you're lapping up the sunshine.

Whatever your feelings are on this mini heatwave, we can all probably agree that you're definitely going to be in need of a cracking playlist of fresh new Emerging Icons tunes to see you right through it. As we've scoffed all the ice cream and plan on being epically lazy, that's probably the only thing that we can help you out with right now. Well, it's what we do best, int it.

We have a handful of fantastic up-and-coming acts for you to become acquainted with because they are just too good to be missing out on. For one reason or another, each and every one of this wonderful lot have really got us going at Emerging Icons HQ... so give em a listen.

Follow the links below to visit each of their profiles, where you can become their official SuperFan by clicking on the star at the top of the page. While you're logged in, how about you leave them a few words of love and admiration? It's dead easy- just click on the speech bubble button next to your favourite tracks to leave a comment and big them up. Let these jokers show you how it's done...

So without further ado, let's have a listen to the tunes that we're loving right now- cos you really NEED to hear this...

At just 21-years old it's just a little crazy that Hanna Willow has already gone through three name changes in her career to date. The Swedish-born singer-songwriter has seemingly gone through more transformations than Madonna in this short time, but thankfully she's not changed her sound along the way. Hailed as "simply one of the best recorded voices I have ever worked with" by Amy McDonald, the talent of the now London-based performer has also had quite an effect on us. When we first found this video of her singing her gorgeous tune 'Skeleton' we were blown away by the unique tone of her voice. The subtle rasp gives her stunning melodies a little edge to her acoustic sound which we're just a teensy bit in love with. She was amongst the amazing line-up heading to The Bedford for London FolkFest last weekend... a treat for anyone that caught her set too.

Ladies n' gents, allow us to introduce She Crazy... "THE ROCK BAND FOR UKULELE HATERS." If the furious riffing and unapologetically loud sound hadn't convinced us of the seriousness to this bold statement, the capitalisation there really has. While they may see the innocuous looking instrument as a stringed beast to be reviled, the effect it's had on their drive to make a stand against it is a right treat for anyone partial to a bit of good, old-fashioned rock n' roll that kicks you square in the face. It may see them lose fans in Taylor Swift, Zac Efron and William H. Macy (yeah, we may have just conducted a search of Ukelele enthusiasts on Wikipedia) but they're sure to make a significant impact on the alt music community. This weekend sees them support the epic Dinosaur Pile-Up in their hometown of Brighton; and judging by their latest single it's going to be one hell of a show. High energy and mucky in all the right places, this is music for moshers and sadists. Suffice to say, we love it.

We do like to keep things fair on Emerging Icons so how about our next act we feature is absolutely chocker with ukuleles, banjos, accordions, flugelhorns, fiddles and other such folky shenanigans? Being the genre hussies we are, we are getting our fill of the wonderfully warm sound of Patch & The Giant as much as our taste of music for ukulele haters. Some may call that fence-sitting... we call it musical obsession and we're not going to apologise for it- soz. To be honest, we reckon you'd be hard pushed to take a disliking to this lot. Another of this week's London FolkFest faves, the sprawling seven-piece have an energy and carefree vibe to their music that's exactly what you need at this time of year. With their "air of ramshackle decadence" they create a rich sound that is upbeat, infectious and almost forces you to start tapping your feet. When you listen to 'A Local Man', try your best to not think of The Waterboys classic 'Fisherman's Blues'. We reckon it's almost impossible. For now, have a look at this ace live recording of 'Give Yourself Unto The Sea' performed for OXJAM. It's as good as dipping your toes into the cool waves on a lovely breezy beach... and don't tell us that's not what you're absolutely DYING to do right now.

Blast Unit Moscow - Rollercoaster Ride

As the Russian rock n' roll section of your CD collection is looking a bit thin, might we suggest that you turn your attention to the band that has been described as "the Godfathers of Vladrock" by the NME? Yep, Blast Unit Moscow are certainly a force to be reckoned with. The capital-dwelling six-piece seem to be on speed-dial for any top British groups heading their way on tour; having supported everyone from Muse and Kaiser Chiefs to Blur and Pulp. Libs legend Carl Barât has cited them "one of the most incredible underground guitar acts in Russia"... and considering the country is f*cking MASSIVE, that's a pretty fine accolade if you ask us. Have a listen for yourself. 'Rollercoaster Ride' is everything you'd expect- breakneck pace, fearsome energy and the kind of exhilarating experience you'd usually only get from hurtling hundreds of feet from a great height. It's got the vintage rock n' roll feel of The Beatles and the punk rock energy of the Ramones- not to mention a crunching guitar that would make Josh Homme shit his pants. Now working with Martin 'Youth' Glover on new material, this lot are only gonna get better and better.

All of this lot can go straight onto your personal playlist on Emerging Icons Radio in just a few simple steps. First, log in. Second, visit the Emerging Icons profile of the act you like the sound of by clicking on the links above. Third, hit the music note next to your fave tracks til you see it go pink. THAT'S IT. No excuse really...

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