12/10/2012 13:39 BST | Updated 11/12/2012 05:12 GMT

If You Are Bored to Tears of X Factor Here Is Something New: Emerging Icons Featuring Erin K

A song by Erin K is like no other.

As well as being one of the rising stars to perform on our Emerging Icons stage within the Olympic Park for London 2012, Erin K has recently become one of Emerging Icons' Headliners. If you can think 'festival', this basically means that this American-Singer/Songwriter-In-London is one of the TOP names that you need to make sure you check out during your Emerging Icons experience. With the thousands of new acts on our website many of which being of the highest calibre, it can make your brain hurt trying to fathom just how talented this lady really is.

Since getting involved on our site, Erin has found herself performing for 4Music at the Barfly, commuters at The Station Sessions, being photographed by Vogue photographers at an exclusive styling session with, and had her track played numerous times on Radio One and BBC6 Music. Her image, her presence on London's anti-folk scene and her distinctive style all helped to grab our attention- but it would be her unique approach to her songwriting that really sealed the deal.

I came to learn that a song by Erin K is like no other. Her knack for unusual and witty lyricism is one feature that jumps out - but then there's also the relatable portraits that come to mind as you fall deep into one of her tracks. Characters come to life and it becomes more than just music. Coins is a firm favourite amongst fans, so that had to be the choice for Erin's contribution to Emerging Icons In The Park: As heard in London 2012 album. Whilst we could enjoy the fact its individuality would separate it from every other tune on the album, we were really interested to hear exactly what the story is about. Erin K very kindly explained:

What was the inspiration behind the track and what is the song about?

This song is about a missed communication between a father and daughter and was inspired by some of the relationships that I observed at school growing up. The song is split between two sections: the first, tracing the world of the father and the second, that of the daughter. Their worlds cross at the chorus and then again at the end of the song, where each is mistakes a plea for love for that of something material-based.

Where and when did you write this song?

I wrote this song here in London about a year and a half ago.

Who recorded the track for you- if a producer who else have they worked with?

We recorded this track at Dean Street Studios. It was engineered by Austen Jux-Chandler mixed by Gulzal Singh Lally. The track was produced by Erin K & Tash.

How do fans react to the track when you play it live?

Everybody really loves the song! A lot of people say it's their favourite and I think it serves as a nice juxtaposition to the more quirky and comical material we play in our live set.

What comes to mind when you hear the song played back?

It makes me think about my teenage years quite a bit. I think it's a little sad, but I really like the way it picks up at the end. I've always thought of a kind of continuous pushing beat, a little like a train on a train track when I listen to it.

What does your song bring the collective on the Emerging Icons album?

My style of music is often referred to as 'anti-folk'. I tend not to stick to any uniform structure or chord progression in the way that I approach song writing and so I hope what this song brings to the album is something a little different and outside the box.

Hit-maker Daniel Powter got to enjoy Coins for himself when he joined us to review some of our artists. Have a look to see what he had to say about it:

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So just how good are the Emerging Icons 'Headliners'?! This good...