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Top Five Emerging Icons Live: 23 Sept - 29 Sept 2013

The coming week's live listings are ready and waiting for you- so it's time you get yourselves organised. Get your diaries at the ready, because we've got a another round-up of unmissable shows for you to start looking forward to.

The coming week's live listings are ready and waiting for you- so it's time you get yourselves organised. Get your diaries at the ready, because we've got a another round-up of unmissable shows for you to start looking forward to.

Each week there's an amazing amount of new music taking to stages across the country; and it's our duty to let you know all about it. So, shall we see what's coming up? Here are our Top Five Emerging Icons Live...

Thursday 26th September

It's been a while since singer-songwriter Adam Baker has been in the country so what better way to catch up than over a brew in his Wee Coffee Shop Tour this month? The Highland-based Irishman moved over to France not long after his stunning performance in the Olympic Park last summer, but the 'Carry You' singer is now back and peddling his positive acoustic tunes again. In a New Scottish Arts travelling roadshow of music and drama, Adam takes to the stage in coffee gaffs around Scotland, including Starbucks in Edinburgh, Costa in Glasgow- and this here show in the heart of Aberdeen. With a freshly brewed beverage, comfy sofa and the brilliant company of Mr Baker to see you into the evening, it'll warm your cockles like nothing else. Don't expect him to do a cover of 'Smelly Cat' though, Phoebe Buffet fans...

Friday 27th September

All of these gigs are new music tips, but few can get much newer than Princes of Maine. These indie rock n rollers have only been together since July 2013 but they're already looking to make their mark on London's thriving gigging scene with an appearance on Symptomatic's line-up at The Miller. As one of the capital's newest additions to its fine list of venues, the stage of this London Bridge boozer provides a fine setting for these promising Libs-style raw riff-mongers to showcase their developing sound in front of a receptive audience. It may only be their third date together so far, but they clearly know that you've got to work hard and get your tunes out there if you want to get anywhere in this game. Go show your support and look forward to much more from the Finsbury Park four-piece.

Friday 27th September

Head along to The Macbeth next week and not only will you get to enjoy a perormance from some of our most favourite feel-good indie pop band, you can also get stuck into "a colossal club night"- not our words, but the words of Noel Gallagher no less. Amid the stonking DJ sets featuring supreme rock n' roll tunes, This Feeling has gained a reputation for showcasing the best "future next big things" out there right now. It comes as no surprise then that Thank Pablo have made the bill, alongside Pale Fires, Arthur Gun and The Watchmakers. We're happy to say we can vouch for the unmissable show that lies in store for you that evening. We're huge fans of Thank Pablo's laid-back sound, weaving warm melodies in their uniquely enchanting performance. It'll be like summer's made a comeback, and you don't wanna miss that...

Saturday 28th September

Well here's a show that's been a while coming now- Hunter & The Bear are finally making it to the 'Westfield Presents' stage! Our anticipation has only been building since their original slot was postponed but it'll be well worth the wait. Joining a line-up alongside acts like Rayon Nelson, Paper Crows and Dawson, the rich tones of this guitar-wielding trio will make the perfect addition to your Saturday evening. Bang on trend with the indie folk style popularised by The Lumineers of late, they're sure to turn a few heads. The deckchairs surrounding the stage will look irresistible to both the exhausted shopaholics and the poor henpecked gents who have had to wait outside a hundred different changing rooms- and what better antidote to the stress than the stunning sound of 'Forest On The Hill' live? You can hear a preview now...

Sunday 29th September

One of East London's most prolific venues sees one of the most promising stars of the future take to its stage as Ilona makes the bill at Shoreditch's XOYO. It's not been long since Ilona last featured on our Top Five, with her appearance on our Westfield stage being a highlight of our gigging week only a short while ago. However, this is a chance to see this rising talent at her very best- allowing the full power of her pop rock energy take flight and fill the stage with her striking performance style. You've got to remember that this lady takes plenty of influence from the classic rockers who are more used to playing stadiums... so you can probably imagine the scale of stage presence we're talking here. As one of London's most regular fixtures on the scene, this girl is knock-out. Don't miss your chance to see her before those arenas start calling...

*PLEASE NOTE: This show has since changed to Monday 7th October*

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